Why EOS Expects Success In 2018?

Why EOS Expects Success In 2018?

The EOS Cryptocurrency is set for a productive year, solving some fundamental industry problems. According to experts, EOS can outrun many competitors this year.

In January 2018, Galaxy Digital and Block.one announced the creation of a joint EOS ecosystem fund worth $325 million. These investments can mean a big step in the development of the project while attracting the attention of people. The Fund will focus on improving the EOS blockchain and investing projects using the project software.

Analysts see investing in EOS tokens as promising. This investment will potentially have a reasonable risk. According to Coin Chek Up, the maximum growth rate is 143%, with the maximum possible loss of 43%. Such a forecast gives hope for a real profit, much more than in case of investing in tokens like Ethereum.

In February, there was an increase in both the number of investors in the project and the developers. The development of EOS is proceeding at a brisk pace: where other cryptocurrencies "get stuck", EOS analyzes the failures of competitors and takes them into account in their project. To make it more accessible, scalable and attractive to a wide range of investors.

The latest project successes include the partnership agreement with Bitfinex to create the first decentralized exchange EOSfinex, combining "the speed and scalability of the EOS blockchain with the rich experience of Bitfinex". The head of the exchange, Jean-Louis van der Velde, calls the project partner "a transforming technology." This vote of confidence EOS increases the chances of cryptocurrency to break through in such a highly competitive environment.

Recall that EOS has not yet completed the ICO, which began almost a year ago. Such a long campaign is designed to prevent the emergence of unhealthy rush around the asset. At the moment, 778 million out of 1 billion tokens have been bought out.

Analysts say that EOS has good chances to take its place in the market, where the e-world intends to become a "worldwide computer", NEO is a "global economy", while EOS is going to scale decentralized applications to a commercial scale.

Information Source: EOS