Wozniak Says He’s Involved in Blockchain Startup

Wozniak Says He’s Involved in Blockchain Startup

A tech entrepreneur and early Apple’s ‘angel’ Steve Wozniak has almost always sounded bullish with regard to bitcoin and blockchain. If he has mostly been friendly with the former (he even owned some BTC units before selling them), he has been quite backhanded concerning the blockchain.

Newly, however, he has sorted things out. The ‘Woz’, as he is often referred to by his colleagues and the media, has let the world know he is to get involved in the DLT project. Moreover, he has underscored it will be his first project of this type ever.

Wozniak’s Leaping on a Blockchain Bandwagon

In mid-August, the ChainXchange conference took place in Las Vegas. At the event, one of Apple’s constitutors Steve Wozniak talked with a NullTX journalist. In a conversation, he unveiled his intentions to take up a new challenge – tale part in a DLT startup. Amid announcing the plan, he also complimented the advantages of the blockchain. In particular, he said:

“I’m involved with, very soon, my first time being involved in a blockchain company.”

It’s a Blockchain Startup, But Not What You Are Probably Thinking

On top of that, the ‘Woz’ explained what kind of a startup that is. He hinted that the novel business is about piling by investors and it has the enormous tracing of records. The investments are related to such real estate as apartment edifices in UAE.

Simultaneously, he rejected that the work of the startup is related to generating new coins or making cryptos surge in value.

Wozniak Awes in Amazement When it Comes to the Blockchain

In the conversation, Apple’s ‘angel’ also explained why he is so enchanted by the DLT:

“It’s so independent! It’s kind of like the internet when it was brand new… I was amazed at the technology behind it.”

He also emphasized that whatever he heard regarding the use of the blockchain, each of them had value – from tracking real estate to taxi systems. Besides, the entrepreneur also praised Ethereum for its quality of allowing others to develop apps on top of it.