Bitcoin or Ethereum: Who to Steal The Show in 2018?

Bitcoin or Ethereum: Who to Steal The Show in 2018?

With its ups and downs, sure enough, 2017 was a year of bitcoin. However, things tend to change, so, in the opinion of Jez San, the CEO of FunFair Technologies, an ethereum-based casino platform, the next year is going to come under the patronage of the second most significant cryptocurrency in the world, ethereum.

San, who is also a known ether supporter, believes that main existing protocols fail to transfer value to customers accurately. According to his words, nowadays bitcoin seems to be clumsy because of its sluggish operations and high commissions. Moreover, projects which were supposed to solve bitcoin scalability problem, for example, Lightning Network, have not been implemented yet.

Sure enough, there have been forks which are trying to become real alternatives to bitcoin. However, San guesses, there should also be other options. And that one of them is, apparently, bitcoin’s younger brother, ethereum. Friendly for blockchains which employ smart contracts, ether has vast potential as a part of decentralized e-commerce.

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum

San admits that he compares these two cryptocurrencies to already existing operating systems. So when, to him, bitcoin is DOS, the younger ethereum can be perceived as Mac OS or Windows. Nevertheless, pinpoints the author, there’s nothing terrible with DOS.

Yes, it was a crucial part of the computer advance. There were even some generations of computer fans who grew up on it. But it is tough to learn and to program and so on. Computers became popular only thanks to Windows and Mac OS as they are simpler for people to use them and allow a wide variety of apps to run on them.

San supposes, ether is just like them, that’s why developers create apps like during the boom at the beginning of 2000. For sure, not all of them will survive in the market and become mainstream, but a few have a chance to become next Google or Amazon of the blockchain era.

But what is essential to admit is that bitcoin generation is only for those “chosen” who have agreed to put up with high operation fees. “They have chosen a path to a technical dead end,” San believes.

New Hope

As Coindesk informs, around a month ago an ethereum developer conference DevCon3 was held and it, perhaps, demonstrated a different attitude toward the future of blockchain. San noted that the destiny of ethereum seems to be protected very well as long as such conference was attended by around 2,000 developers, each covering $1,000 for hustling the advancement in blockchain technologies.

Yes, some developers could have initiated the birth of a new version of ethereum, but currently there are no signs of it, San assures:

“You can’t write any of them off just yet, but ethereum has shown a dedication to innovation at all costs and effectiveness that leaves no doubt that it will be the main platform for blockchain application development for years to come.”

In his opinion, one can either die or develop, therefore, with the tendency to evolve, ethereum has more chances to steal the show in 2018.