Bitstamp Got 30.000 ETH From Vitalik Buterin

Bitstamp Got 30.000 ETH From Vitalik Buterin

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin transferred to the Bitstamp exchange 30 000 ETH, which at the current rate is almost $ 22 million.

It is noteworthy that this happened about 12 days ago - just days before Litecoin's creator Charlie Lee announced the sale of his LTC to avoid a "conflict of interest ". As is known, a few days later, the Crypto-currency rates fell by an average of 50%, partially recovering later.

It is worth noting that the transfer of funds was made precisely at the time when Buterin asked a question on Twitter about the too high market capitalization of the crypto-currency.

So, the total capitalization of the market has just reached $ 0.5 trillion. But did we deserve this?

This question was followed by others: "How many people were deprived of the opportunity to use banking services, we helped?"; "How many developed applications do we benefit in people?"; "How many Venezuelans have we protected from hyperinflation?"; "What part of the cost of smart contracts really works for" something interesting? ".

Of course, the answer to all these questions is not zero, and in some cases, the results are quite significant. But not enough to justify the level of capitalization of $ 0.5 trillion. Not so - co-founder Ethereum summed up.

Yesterday, this topic again sounded in the comments of Vitalik Buterin to the post of developer Amir Taaki.

Bitcoin turns into a failed project. Seeds of its destruction were sown on the ruins of the community, blinded by the rise in prices. One day you will understand my words, but it will be too late, the ship will be at the bottom

Information Source: Trustnodes