Buterin: DON'T Invest In Crypto More Than Ready To Lose

Buterin: DON'T Invest In Crypto More Than Ready To Lose

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin warned investors about the risks existing at the cryptocurrency market and advised them not to invest all their savings in the new asset class.

Cryptocurrencies are a new super-volatile class of assets; prices can collapse at any moment up to zero marks. To save your savings, traditional assets are still the most reliable.

- he wrote on his Twitter page.

Buterin not for the first time points to the community's obsession with making a profit on the cryptocurrency market, as it, in his opinion, does not contribute to achieving something significant for the industry.

I do not recommend investing in the cryptocurrency," he said, "but if you want this, make sure that you are well-informed on this issue and spend the amount you are willing to part with.

Users reacted differently to the Buterin's tweet: some perceived it as a forecast, others accused Vitalik of creating unnecessary panic, while others expressed complete disagreement with the developer. This advice should have been given earlier, they replied, referring to the incidents involving the abduction of the Ether.

Earlier, Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell criticized Vitalik Buterin for supporting the "rescue hard forks" to restore stolen or frozen funds, as some community representatives should not decide whether to branch out or not, he said. Maxwell stressed that otherwise, the system has already failed.

Information Source: Vitalik Buterin