Canadian Gov’t Launches Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

Canadian Gov’t Launches Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

The Canadian gov't has set off a DLT explorer developed on the basis of the Ethereum Net. Thanks to the app, it will always be possible to access the data repository, which, in its turn, will be impossible to change.

The developers underscored that the novel explorer application resembles a search engine, and it permits people to look for information through the Ethereum net.

Canada is Stepping Ahead By Embracing Ethereum

It is the NRC – the National Research Council of Canada – which has launched a novel application, in particular, DLT explorer. As per the organization’s statement, it got the name Catena and it was developed by Bitaccess. The NRC also said it’s the Industrial Research Assistance Program on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) which will host the app.

Why Is The Blockchain Explorer So Valuable?

As noted by the developers, the app makes the stored data accessible but unchangeable. The thing is that it is not accumulated in one place. Therefore, it shall see no bugs or access troubles. Looking like a search engine, the app permits users to search the Ethereum DLT for contribution data, which is hosted in the network via Catena.

One of the Bitaccess’s founders – Moe Adham – stressed that the Catena Blockchain Suite is an app for helping institutions get access and get used to the blockchain. He also noted that the perception of the app has been bullish. As per his words, the blockchain explorer is easy-to-use and prevents many risks related to the use of it.

Here’s what users will enjoy while using the app:

  • A P2P method of preserving and distributing data
  • Data will be immutable
  • Stored “far into the future”

Previously, the NRC started off the Canadian gov’t's first trial of public DLT. It intended to establish the clear administration of state grants and contributions.

Image Source: Flickr