CryptoKitties Go To China

CryptoKitties Go To China

Recently, the company-developer of the game CryptoKitties Axiom Zen announced that it is going to conquer the Chinese market.

Co-founder of CryptoKitties, Benny Jiang commented on this step of the company:

We are incredibly happy to show China and the rest of the world that the potential of the blockchain goes beyond cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin.

The blockchain-game CryptoKitties blew up the cryptocurrency market in late November 2017. To date, the creators can boast 274,615 sales worth more than $19.35 billion. Built on the blockchain of the Etherium, CryptoKitties uses the ether (ETH) as a game currency. One of the seals on December 6, 2017, was sold for 253.33 ETH, which at that time was the equivalent of $ 110,707. Now the same kitty costs $ 299,444.

These figures indicate that the game has been an enormous success so far.

The most significant obstacle to CryptoKitties is the current scalability crisis of the Ethereum network. In December, the CryptoKitties transactions accounted for almost thirty percent of the total number of operations on the Ethereum blockchain. The game marked the problem of scaling, formed a backlog (at some point it reached almost 30,000 transactions).

At the solution of this problem, the current Axiom Zen team is concentrated. Currently, the game CryptoKitties has more than 320,000 players, and a mobile game application in China has already downloaded millions of users. In an interview with TechNode, Jiang explained :

If we are talking about the blockchain of the Etherium, then it can not handle the transactions of millions of users in the form in which it exists now.

Since the launch of Cryptokitties, Axiom Zen team is focused on studying long-term scalability solutions and is perceived "very seriously." Right, the problem is solved at the time of entering the enormous Chinese market, there are no reports.

With the latest repression of China against cryptocurrencies, the progress in the entry of kittens into this market has greatly slowed. Nevertheless, the team does not give up and is currently negotiating with game publishers and lawyers on how to act in this situation. The team has developed many features specific to the Chinese market and opportunities within the current game and believes that the Spring Festival may be an appropriate time to launch.

Information Source: CryptoCurrencyNews