Ether Expected to Outperform Bitcoin Before 2019, Survey Shows

Ether Expected to Outperform Bitcoin Before 2019, Survey Shows

Different participants in the sphere of blockchain expect the leading cyber coins in the world – bitcoin and ether – to prosper and their price to more than triple before 2019 comes. These are the results of a poll, carried out by Finder – a famous comparison site, which has later been released by the South China Morning Post.

Top Currencies to Thrive

The survey aimed at finding out what nine participants of the blockchain niche expect from the world’s supreme 12 virtual coins. Notably, they had to unveil their expectations concerning digital currencies’ prospective prices.

According to the poll results, respondents are more optimistic about bitcoin’s “little brother” than about BTC on its own. Concretely, they anticipate ether’s total supply to soar by 212%. In the meantime, bitcoin’s market capitalization is believed to surge by 194%.

By contrast, bitcoin’s August’s fork Bitcoin Cash is expected to show a 123% growth.

How Much Cryptoiners Expect Bitcoin and Ether to Be?

The participants were surveyed at the time when BTC cost over $10,000 and ETH traded at nearly $870 at the end of February. Therefore, if they triple, they will reach the margins of about $29,500 and $2,500 respectively.

Interestingly, if the expectations of blockchain participants come true, BCH will be traded at $2,700, whereas at the time of the survey it cost about $900-$1,000.

How Come Ether Will Outperform Bitcoin?

The reason why ether will grow faster than bitcoin might lie in the adaptability of ether’s net. And that’s despite the fact that currently, bitcoin’s daily turnover is still three times more considerable than ether’s. Also, it can be boosted by the increase of ICOs, meaning that when ETH drops, investors tend to pile more into it. Therefore, they can take part in more ICOs.