Ethereum Becomes Second Most Valuable Crypto Again

Ethereum Becomes Second Most Valuable Crypto Again

Ethereum has finally recovered and reclaimed its title of the second most valuable cyber-asset in the world after its elder brother bitcoin.

Gaining the Champion’s Belt Back

Some time ago Ripple shifted Ethereum from its top position among altcoins. But finally, on January 2, Ethereum reclaimed its «champion’s belt» and shifted XRP back to its third position, as data on shows.

As of press time, Ethereum is traded at $153.68 and is showing a 10.26% growth within the past 24 hours. In the case of XRP, the coin is traded below $0.38 and demonstrates a modest growth of 4.23%.

Previously, Ethereum had spent many weeks at a third position. But once it reemerged, its total market cap excelled $500,000. Now ETH is leading all altcoins.

What Happened?

As Cointelegraph reports, XRP and ETH swapped places due to controversy about XRP and payment net Ripple.

Earlier this week in Twitter the American exchange platform Kraken inquired the senior exec about how to refer to it. Therefore, the tangle over whether Ripple can make executive decisions regarding XRP spread to media.


It should be reminded that earlier a novel agreement between Ethereum developers implied that its Constantinople hard fork will take place in the middle of January.

Previously it was assumed the fork would take place at the end of the month due to consensus issues. The expected Constantinople upgrade encompasses five different Ethereum Improvement Proposals.