Ethereum Developer Left The Project

Ethereum Developer Left The Project

One of the leading developers of Ethereum, Yoichi Hirai, announced that the code editors are leaving the team, expressing concerns that the proposal to improve the protocol (EIP) for a standardized format for the return of lost funds could potentially violate Japanese law. CoinDesk writes this.

This is EIP 867 , which describes a method that helps speed up the process of lost funds on the platform. More detailed reasons for his decision Yoichi Hirai led to GitHub.

Some EIP editors do not seem to be asking themselves about the legal consequences of this proposal. But I warned them, and more I can not do anything. I'm leaving my position.

In particular, Yoichi Hirai noted that the proposal could violate Japan's law on the unauthorized creation of electromagnetic records.

I have concerns that if the proposal is applied in practice, it will be a crime.

Also, the developer noted that he does not think that anyone has the right to make such changes because Ethereum users usually do not know and can not authorize the process. According to him, in an undemocratic manner, the elected EIP editors should not make changes to the rules that affect the entire community.

Last week, Yoichi Hirai blocked the offer, saying that it violated the "philosophy of Ethereum". And although later he changed this point of view, nevertheless, from fears that EIP 867 may violate the laws, he did not refuse.

The proposal EIP 867 is headed by Dan Filfer of the project Musiconomi, which as a result of freezing funds in the purse Parity last year lost 16,475 ETH.

Before his departure from the team of editors, Yoichi Hirai was one of six developers with the right to make changes to the software platform. According to GitHub , in this role he was very active, making 5,219 additions - more than all the other editors combined.

Earlier, an appeal to start a broader discussion about what steps, if it is required, should be taken at the level of software to return user funds after more frequent hacking projects and other incidents with coins was made by the developer Ethereum Vlad Zamfir.

Information Source: Coindesk