Buterin Suggests The Use of Ethereum Network Be Chargeable

Buterin Suggests The Use of Ethereum Network Be Chargeable

The use of Ethereum platform might not be free of charge any longer. The person, who developed this operating system, Vitalik Buterin, offered to provide Ethereum-services on the paid basis.

His ideas Buterin expressed in the official blog, suggesting that this solution will help to solve the issue of the increasing number of users as well as the amount of data needed to be preserved. The payment for the use of Ethereum its creator offers to call a “rent.”

Goodbye, Free-Cost Ethereum?

For the past time, Ethereum, just like any other distributed computed platform, has been facing the problem of the growing number of users.

Particularly, the Ethereum platform started being a bit overloaded due to famous crypto-apps and games, which function on its basis, e.g., CryptoKitties. Moreover, the platform struggles because of various ICO projects, which also add burden to its net.

The scalability problem has already turned bitcoin’s blockchain into a significant drawback. So as long as Ethereum does not seem to want to follow the example of its “elder brother,” it might need to face adjustments beforehand.

In the eyes of Buterin, that solution is the so-called “rent.” Paying for the use of the net, will calm lots of users down and provide Ethereum-devs with new resources for the work.

According to the blog, the scope of probable fees will depend on the time for which data is being preserved on Ethereum’s core blockchain.

Notably, Buterin’s idea of the “rent” has recently been cheered up by other developers of Ethereum’s net.

For instance, Raul Jordan wrote in his Twitter that currently the value of time, which is used to store data on the net, is not taken into account by Ethereum’s protocol. The dev called it a problem, so he’s glad Buterin raised the issue of renting publicly.