OK, Google: Why Tech Giant Jumps on a Blockchain Bandwagon?

OK, Google: Why Tech Giant Jumps on a Blockchain Bandwagon?

The «almighty» Google is jumping on the DLT bandwagon on par with other tech titans. Newly it has added one of the most known blockchains networks — Ethereum — to BigQuery which is Google’s big data analytics platform. 

Google Also Wants to Be Close to The Blockchain

According to the information provided by the company’s post, API is challenging when it comes to accessing info recorded on the Ethereum. And that’s beside the fact that it has been developed for checking transaction state or balance on wallets. 

However, the biggest issue with it is that it makes it impossible to eye blockchain data ‘in aggregate.»

Therefore, Google, as it comes out of the further explanation, needed a better substitution for this technology to reach out to Ethereum. Thus, it has come to a solution of adding Ethereum to BigQuery. And the idea was implemented earlier this year, the blog says. 

For this, the tech titan has developed a software system on its Cloud platform. Here’s what it does:

  • It syncs the Ethereum pcs running Parity;
  • It daily gets data out of the Ethereum «record book». This information includes the outcomes of the smart contract transactions; 
  • It preserves date-distributed information to BigQuery.

The result of this, as Google claims, is a simplicity and reasonable pricing. 

But Why, Google?

Google went on to explain why the new solution is necessary, providing a handful of examples. One of them was CryptoKitties, a game by Ethereum which is based on the DLT. It said that the game’s smart contract operations make up the most of all transactions on the net. 

In the blog of the titan’s, there was also mentioned an example of info from ERC-20 token project OmiseGo. Google shows how the number units receivers rose last year September.

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