Ethereum’s Lubin Says Blockchain Will Develop Longer Than Internet

Ethereum’s Lubin Says Blockchain Will Develop Longer Than Internet

Many crypto-experts have predicted that the enactment of DLT would be as revolutionary as the one of the World Wide Web. However, the situation with its evolution might be different, ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin believes. 

But most importantly, the entrepreneur supposes that unaltered ledger will enable the development of distributed internet — Web3. 

Longer Than Expected

This week, Joseph Lubin told German site t3 that unaltered ledger might need more time for development than the web. The reason, according to his view, lies in the complexity of DLT. 

Lubin noted that at the moment DLT is evolving similarly to the internet at its own time. Ethereum’s co-founder also added that there are multiple projects based on the distributed ledger, helpful for people.

Thanks to its distributed nature, blockchain will be «permeated» by people even more than the web, Lubin believes. Moreover, it will be able to potentiate Web3, a decentralized internet, where everything will be «networked.» But this will need more time due to complexities. 

ConsenSys Talks

Apart from highlighting the future of unaltered ledger, Lubin also shed light on ConsenSys, a startup incubator which works thanks to Ethereum. In particular, Lubin told reporters that this firm appeared before Ethereum was released. This was done in order to give a start to a decentralized system for Ethereum’s functioning. 

The entrepreneur also stated they are more interested in promoting ConsenSys than controlling it. Also, he answered the reporter’s question about Ethereum’s decentralization by implying that three years are not enough for the ecosystem to get fully decentralized. 

Image Source: Flickr