New Ethereum Hard Fork

 New Ethereum Hard Fork

Hard forks, hard forks, hard forks. We came across many of them. But you can not ignore changes, especially if it concerns platforms such as Ethereum.

Everyone remembers about the hard forks of Metropolis and Byzantium, but today it's not about them: today at block number 4936270 in Ether there will be the EtherZero fork.

It should be noted that the already announced Ethereum forks had some problems, which led to a loss of user confidence. However, this time the new Ethereum hard fork will be performed to change the current situation. The authors of the new EtherZero expect to create the best fork in history.

EtherZero's hard fork and its features:

  1. Fork moment: 4936270 block
  2. Time: January 19, 2018 GMT 19:00 - 21:00
  3. Distribution: The total supply is about 116 million ETZ. Each ETH is 1 ETZ
  4. Reserve: 20 million ETZ for further development


The idea of ​​the project is to improve and stabilize the market value of ETZ. The team is trying to get the market value of ETZ at a rate of 10% of the Ethereum network in the short term.

Scaling up the network, as the authors of the project expect, can bring more benefits to network participants. The command hopes that it will be enough to have 10 thousand ETZs to create a node (network node).

The remuneration in the network is distributed as follows: 45% of the reward goes to the miner, 45% to the mastrenod owners and 10% to the community self-management.

If the market value of EtherZero reaches 10% of Ethereum, the price for the token will reach $ 70. The team welcomes everyone who wants to join the EtherZero system.


Hard Fork can lead to a chain of events, which will lead to a rapid rise in the price of the Etherium, as investors will probably want to get free EtherZero tokens. Then they can sell their EtherZero; other investors can make a big jump in the price increase. The cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular, so many beginners can earn on this craze.

Information Source: News Bitcoin