Beef On The Blockchain

Beef On The Blockchain

BeefCoin launched the ICO to expand the production of organic beef. January 1, a joint project of the Moscow restaurant chain "Hunting meat" and the farm company Melbard LLC started a token sale. You can read the WhitePaper here .

The companies have combined their operations to create a structure for the production and supply of organic beef from the field to the restaurant and expand the existing beef production business.

Melbard LLC is a Moscow company that owns and operates an agricultural farm in the Penza region in partnership with Meat Desire.

The BeefCoin project is designed to eliminate the intensive technologies used for livestock and beef production, by creating an integrated structure from the farm to the restaurant's table.

The production process includes:
  1. cultivation of Aberdeen-Angus bull-calves;
  2. fattening and slaughtering of bull-calves;
  3. processing into semi-finished products (marble beef is pre-conditioned for 21 days in a special ripening chamber);
  4. production of pork, poultry, eggs, dairy products, vegetables, and honey.

After Russia imposed economic sanctions, agriculture in the country is experiencing a new renaissance, characterized by the growth of domestic producers. The restaurant business in Moscow is also actively developing, especially in the segment of organic products.

The creators of BeefCoin note that unlike most existing ICOs, their project is based on an already established business infrastructure. The restaurant network Meat Desire, through which the project team plans to organize the distribution of organic meat products, already operates two restaurants in the center of Moscow, as well as a butcher's shop.

Information Source: BeefCoin

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