From Citizenship to Data: Trump’s Former Aide Says Cryptos Will Make People Freer

From Citizenship to Data: Trump’s Former Aide Says Cryptos Will Make People Freer

The instigator of right-wing populist groups as well as the former adviser to the current US President Donald Trump – Steve Bannon – has claimed that cyber money will lead to the genuine “freedom.” His words happened to be kind of promotional concerning the whole blockchain tech trend.

This week, in Swiss Zurich at an even, funded by the country’s media outlet Die Weltwoche, the former aide mentioned different types of blockchain usage, which are connected not only to cryptos.

Bennon Discussing Cryptos Too

Speaking at the event, Bennon referred to cyber assets and their core – blockchain – as “the very heart” of populist groups in the country, where he took the floor – Switzerland.

Bennon, who had to leave the White House around half a year ago, seems to have developed his attitude to financial the crème de la crème . Specifically, he had criticized them when he was in a high-ranked position. Now, he says that commercial elites, including those in Silicon Valley and Wall Street, can be dodged thanks to cyber assets.

Eloquently, the former chief of the right-wing media Breitbart, which assisted Trump in defeating his opponents in the presidential rally of 2016, said that cryptos could help people gain back their freedom. And that will happen after people, thanks to the blockchain, will take control over their:

  • central banks
  • currency
  • data
  • citizenship

“[…] that's when you're going to have true freedom," stressed Bennon.

Currently, according to his words, people’s freedom lies in the hands of central banks, governments as well as tech giants, which do not let people be in charge of their money, citizenship, and data relatively.

Nevertheless, he added that the most efficient way to disrupt the globalized system of “economic suppression,” as he described it, is with the help of nationalist and populist groups that he backed up in American states.