Blockchain Start-up Faceter Attracted $10 Million In 20 Seconds Of Pre-ICO

Blockchain Start-up Faceter Attracted $10 Million In 20 Seconds Of Pre-ICO

The company claims that success is associated with a falling market and conditions in which "a lot of startups failed at ICO." At the time of publication, 116245226 FACE tokens were sold.

Faceter - developer of video surveillance software with computer vision based on a "fog network", built on the powers of miners.

According to White Paper, which Firrma correspondent reviewed, 1000 FACE tokens cost 0,0872 ETH. The project is integrated with the Ethereum blockchain-platform, specified in the document. On presale, which was end on February 15, for purchase is available 108 billion FACE tokens. At the main stage, which will last from February 15 to March 30, the platform will sell 300 billion of its tokens to investors.

In the "Whitelisting", which the company began to conduct on January 29, 2018, over 8 thousand participants from 152 countries registered for four days. The company decided that the tokens would be distributed only on the "white list", according to the number of the queue that was given out to each participant. The remaining FACE tokens will be released to the market during the main phase of the ICO.

The company plans to launch a "smart video surveillance" service for the mass segment. It will be "advanced software with elements of artificial intelligence".

About Faceter

Faceter is a start-up, founded by Vladimir Chernitsky and Robert Pothier in 2014. The company conducts research and development in the field of recognition of visual images using neural networks and deep learning (one of the technologies of artificial intelligence). Now Faceter analyzes video from surveillance cameras, recognizes faces and objects, can be configured for specific scenarios of behavior in certain situations. The project is developing video surveillance technology based on computer vision, which involves computing in its decentralized network built with the help of miners on the principles of fog network.

Information Source: Faceter