In 2018 BTC «Died» 90 Times, While There Were 1,000 «Dead» Altcoins

In 2018 BTC «Died» 90 Times, While There Were 1,000 «Dead» Altcoins

2018 was a true challenge for bitcoin and its pals. It had many downs, which media and naysayers noted a lot. Many times they designated bitcoin «dead» within the past year. But the data shows that bitcoin managed to «raise from the dead» 90 times, while there were 1,000 of «dead» altcoins.

«Raised From the Dead»

In the section Bitcoin Obituaries, platform 99bitcoins traces claims that BTC dies in the media. Data from there demonstrates there were nearly 100 bearish claims about bitcoin. Yet, bitcoin managed to recover 90 times.

The coverage spans from mid-December 2017, when the «big daddy» slid down from $20,000 in mid-December 2017 to December 2018, when it hit the low of $3,130.

Dying and Never Restoring

Meantime, around 1,000 media claimed that bitcoin’s peers vanished from the market for different reasons. According to Dead Coins, a database which tracks «dead» coins, 934 altcoins will never be reborn like a phoenix again. That’s a pretty significant number, as per data, there are currently 2,073 coins in total.

It is important to note that Dead Coins collects data about coins which shattered down due to fraud, cyber attacks, as well as «parody» assets which had no genuine objective. On this site, anyone can report the claim about a «deceased» asset.

As of writing, bitcoin is traded at $3,770 showing a modest growth of 0.83% in the first day of the new year of 2019.