Crypto Platform To Launch an App, Which Deals With a Debit Card For Simpler Trading

Crypto Platform To Launch an App, Which Deals With a Debit Card For Simpler Trading

Fidelium, a company, registered in the US which provides services of a cryptocurrency bourse, will soon allow its clients to carry out payments effortlessly anywhere and to cash out cryptos at associated ATMs.

The company signed a respective contract with a significant debit card issuer at the of last year, reports Cointelegraph in a sponsored material concerning Fidelium.

According to the report, the debit card is expected to be merged with a special Fidelium’s Multiwallet application. Therefore, Fidelium users will be able to access different crypto trading venues worldwide.

It is not a new thing for online cyber money exchanges to collaborate with providers of debit cards to make the life of its clients easier. However, Fidelium claims to be not the exchange but a project, which comprises Fortress – a cross-exchange trading platform, which functions as an aggregator.

How Will It Work?

In addition to that platform, Fidelium is currently working on an application that will permit its customers to deal with traditional cyber-currencies like BTC, ETH, LTC, and others. Moreover, the platform plans to allow users manage its own tokens called FID.

Fidelium claims that everybody who downloads the app on their smartphones will be able to get prepaid debit cards for withdrawing money from partnering ATMs. Furthermore, such debit cards can be used for buying items at shops. And the benefit for crypto enthusiasts is that when buying stuff online or in physical stores, the user will be able to pay with any of his or her assets, choosing a particular one when the need is.

As per the project’s site, the collaboration of its app with the debit card provider will allow users to carry out speedy and convenient crypto spending. And there will be no limitations and the waiting time will be almost immediate.

Another claimed the advantage of the project is that it will provide access to various crypto bourses from only one platform. Usually, crypto-users struggle to switch between several exchanges easily. Now as it will be possible to access several exchanges within one tool, things are going to become faster, the company assures.

Each customer will be able to see cyber-coins’ prices on various bourses and make a better choice. This will help clients to avoid jumping to conclusions when exchanging digital assets.

Any Other Offers?

According to Cointelegraph, this is not the only feature that Fidelium users will be surprised with. In particular, the company has intentions to present a Fortress’ professional version, which the company also calls a “premium” one. This version will provide users with much more thorough charting means as well as trading indexes which will assist users in making trading decisions.

There is another feature that the company is eager to present. However, there aren’t many details concerning it. The only unveiled information is that it will be a system of robotized trading, based on trading algorithms.

The Fortress platform is also yet to see stocks, futures, and options on it in the foreseeable future. Next year, the platform may add to its exchanges lists trading venues, based on Europe and Asia.