DECENT Published A Roadmap For 2018

DECENT Published A Roadmap For 2018

The DECENT company told what users should expect from the project in 2018. A fresh version of the roadmap appeared on the project website.

As you can see from the roadmap, the most important priorities for DECENT are to simplify the implementation and improvement of the infrastructure that supports DCore and DCT. In the coming months, DECENT will conduct usability reviews and meetings with users and third-party developers to ensure that DCore is easily accessible and implemented for everyone.

- the report said.

In the first quarter of 2018, content will be discontinued on the DGo platform, but users will have the opportunity to make transactions, as well as withdraw and deposit funds into the DGo wallet. Also in this period, the appearance of films in the US and the spread of games on the platform.

In the second quarter, the knowledge base and API documentation will be expanded. Of these, users will be able to find out "how to get all the benefits from DCore blockchain." Guidelines will be developed on how to become a miner and a sider, as well as a detailed guide to installing the development interface for working with the DCore platform.

In the third quarter, the toolkit (SDK) for developing Android applications will be released, along with documentation and code samples. You will also be able to view, send and receive custom tokens based on the DCT purse with a large number of security settings.

In the fourth quarter, there will be a release of the SDK, documentation and sample code for developing applications on iOS platforms, and launched a mobile wallet for Android.

Finally, in the first quarter of 2019, a mobile wallet will appear for complete account management, including User Issued Assets, on the iOS platform. Also, there will be a release of the improved version of DCore Blockchain Explorer, including real-time blocking settings, a list of accounts, statistics of miners and much more.

Recall, in October last year, the platform DECENT introduced a beta version of the market for digital assets.

Information Source: DECENT