First Online Cinema On the Blockchain. White Rabbit Cooperates With Streaming Services

White Rabbit Cooperates With Streaming Services

White Rabbit is a plug-in for the browser that offers a transparent and instant monetization model for publishers, investors, actors; as well as high-quality and inexpensive content for consumers.

The project White Rabbit announced on its blog about the launch of an affiliate program for video services.

Within the framework of this program, each of the selected participants will be offered up to 100 thousand dollars, and the total budget of the program will be $1 million.

Funds for this will be taken from the amount collected on the token. This is the plan for the first quarter of 2018. The project also intends to hold a presale with a maximum amount of 25,000 ETH.

White Rabbit is developed by a team of experienced software engineers and film producers. The system will allow users to pay for viewing directly to copyright holders, bypassing numerous intermediary schemes. Also, the plug-in provides a user library, which will store all purchased movies.

General requirements for potential partners: they must be "innovative, responsible and, above all, like movies and TV shows." It is also noted that it does not necessarily refer to already existing sites: only "planned and upcoming sites" can also apply.

The program will allow producers to find sites and users who are interested in films like those that they create, which will ensure focused marketing and campaigns directly within their target audience.

If you want to join the "new generation ecosystem" services, you can contact White Rabbit via e-mail.

Information Source: ForkLog