Forget The Ban: Google to Make an Exclusion for Crypto Ads in Japan, US

Forget The Ban: Google to Make an Exclusion for Crypto Ads in Japan, US

Half a year ago the technological titan Google shook the crypto-world up by announcing its ban on crypto-related ads. The same year other giants like Facebook, Twitter and Snap also crashed down on such ads, especially on controversial ICOs. 


But the sun is coming up for the cyber-money enthusiasts as Google has promised to soften its sweeping anti-crypto-ads regulation. 


New Google Policy to Make Life Of Crypto Enthusiasts Easier

Google has published an update to its Financial products and services policy, saying it is reversing its crypto-ads ban for regulated crypto trading venues. The updated Google policy can be related to all advertisers, but exchanges will get a right to run their ads on Google in the US and Japan only.


The novel policy will start in October. But Google warned that to perform, advertisers will have «to be certified with Google for the specific country in which their ads will serve. Advertisers will be able to apply for certification once the policy launches in October.»


Still Dark Times For ICOs and Others

Google restrictions (after the March announcement) were imposed in June and their aim was to secure users from crypto-speculation and fraud. With the heyday of cyber-money trading, the scamming also flourished as many Ponzi schemes were hiding its nature under ICOs. 


Thus, one of the most influential tech companies decided to bar its users from unpleasant experience, banning ads related to ICOs, crypto-wallets, trading advice and others, which will remain restricted even after the policy update next month.


By partially reversing its crypto-ad ban, Google is following the lead of Facebook, which lifted its ban in June. In particular, Facebook allowed to run ads on crypto-assets but still remained strict regarding ICOs.