HTC Plans to Launch a Blockchain Phone

HTC Plans to Launch a Blockchain Phone

HTC, a Taiwanese electronics business, is getting ready to launch its first distributed ledger phone. Around ten years ago the business released its first Android-based gadget, and now it is making the pre-order for DLT  device available for users.

HTC Bringing Blockchain Closer to Users

This week HTC has announced it is launching its first unaltered ledger phone. The device is called EXODUS 1 and its shipping will begin before December. As of now, it is possible for users to pre-order the primal access version of the gadget. HTC also underscored it is contemplating on making devs take part in the early access version. But most importantly, users can buy the phone solely for cyber-assets — BTC or ETH. 

CoinDesk reports, referring to HTC’s press release, that the DLT-based phone is already accessible for clients in such states as:

  • The UK
  • The US
  • Singapore
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • As well as 30 more other countries 

Phil Chen, the company’s chief officer on the DLT, expects that the primal access version will help HTC gather the first feedback from users and perfect the gadget. In particular, HTC wants to engage with the experience of the DLT community. Chen says it will help the business come up with a more secure wallet and technology in general. HTC’s representative also claimed there are 35 million wallets in the world, so they hope to involve users’ experience to create HTC’s one.

Nevertheless, the company has not informed when exactly the distributed ledger phone will become available to the general public. 

HTC’s novel DLT phone is not the first of this kind. It is recalled that recently another business, an international startup PundiX, presented XPhone, which also works on the blockchain. According to the company, the phone is independent of mobile operators and secures ongoing conversations. 

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