"Kaspersky Lab": A New Phishing Scheme On Facebook

"Kaspersky Lab": A New Phishing Scheme On Facebook

For 2017, spammers and phishers used a variety of tricks to trick users and get their money. Schemes exploiting people's interest in rapid enrichment were widely used. Addressees received a letter with an invitation to install special software for trading on the cryptocurrency market.

However, under the link, they fell on the partner sites of brokerage firms offering to earn on trading binary options. To do this, the user must deposit a certain amount on the account - of course; there is no guarantee that it will return to the depositor. Also, often intruders simply disappear after receiving money, leaving the victim with nothing.

"Kaspersky Lab" disclosed details of a new phishing scheme, revealed by its experts, with the help of which scammers try to steal crypto-currency funds from Facebook users.

Attackers copy pages of cryptocurrency communities in this social network, then on their page they share photos of participants in real communities and mark them in the post as winners of the loyalty program to the crypto platform. Users are lured with promises of payment of a large amount, for which you need to go to a link to a fake site - and leave your private data there.

In addition, the company also warns users about phishing "classics" - spam mailings. Often they are sent on behalf of crypto-computers or crypto-instruments, for example, with security alerts or an offer to participate in the survey. In this case, most users are directed to go to the fake site blockchain.info and enter their credentials.

Recall that in November, Kaspersky Lab's experts found a Trojan CryptoShuffler, which stole a cryptocurrency from users' wallets. Also, according to the company's report, during this period, blocking, mining, and cryptocurrencies became one of the most popular topics of fraudulent letters.

Information Source: Kaspersky Lab