Holds 100 Cryptos, Bluetooth-Enabled: Ledger Presents New Hardware Wallet

Holds 100 Cryptos, Bluetooth-Enabled: Ledger Presents New Hardware Wallet

As the entire crypto-market is struggling to recover, led by bitcoin being over $4,000, technological advancements in the industry do not «muck about.» Recently, a novel crypto-wallet has been presented and it is reported to hold as much as 100 cyber-coins at a time.

A Novelty on the Crypto-Market

As reported by news.Bitcoin.com, Ledger, a hardware wallet producer, has released its newest product for storing crypto-keys. The novelty is called Ledger Nano X. With Bluetooth, it can also hold no more than 100 various digital coins simultaneously.

The hardware wallet was presented on January 6 at the yearly Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the report says. A day later the company unveiled more details to the public on its website, saying that the hardware can be connected to a special mobile app.

Therefore, it will possible to make transactions in any place. The app will be set up soon for both Android and iOS devices. Concerning the Bluetooth possibilities of the novelty, it is known that all communications through it are encrypted.

According to the report, the pre-order for the wallet begins on January 7. The shipping is expected to commence in March this year.

Not The Only Product

Ledger Nano X, however, is not the company’s only product. Its previous developments comprise other hardware wallets, namely, Nano S and Ledger Blue. As per the claims of the Ledger, it has already sold more than 1.5 million Nano S gadgets globally.

Image Source: Ledger