Crypto-Mogul McAfee Admits Not Paying Taxes for 8 Years, Flees the US

Crypto-Mogul McAfee Admits Not Paying Taxes for 8 Years, Flees the US

John McAfee, a controversial cryptocurrency personality, has fled the US upon being indicted by the country’s tax authorities. The American entrepreneur admitted he has not paid taxes to the US treasury for the past eight years.

Presidential Crypto-Candidate On The Run

In a recent video statement, crypto-supporter John McAfee claimed he had left the US to carry out his 2020 presidential campaign. He says he’s been accused of not paying taxes, therefore, he hopes to tun his campaign in international waters.

In the video, posted on Twitter on January 22, McAfee claims he discovered that the Internal Revenue Service of the USA had convened against him «a grand jury.» Although he claimed he wasn’t aware of the nature of allegations regarding him, the ambiguous entrepreneur admitted not paying taxes for the past 8 years.

In videos, the tech tycoon appears on a boat in an unknown location, as he hinted, in international waters. The videos were recorded and later published on McAfee’s Twitter account. There he said:

“I’ve made no secret of it; I’ve not filed returns.”

He specified that «the grand jury» has been summoned in Tennessee and the charge is targeted not only at him but his wife and four of his campaign participants as well.

What You Didn’t Know About McAfee

Known mostly as a businessman and software engineer, McAfee is also a mogul in the world of cryptos. He has been advocating bitcoin and its pals for a pretty long time and among his latest and notorious claims was that he would eat his «d**k» on national TV should bitcoin not get as high as to $1 million by 2020.

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