A Large Mining Farm Disclosed in Old Orenburg Factory in Russia

A Large Mining Farm Disclosed in Old Orenburg Factory in Russia

Russians keep showing interest in cryptos as more and more of miners are caught there for illegally producing bitcoins and consuming too much energy.

In the Russian city of Orenburg, a large mining farm was disclosed on the territory of a former factory of mechanical rubber products.

Not Mining – Electricity As The Reason For Suspension

According to several Russian local media reports, the local law enforcement representatives suspended the activity of the farm in Orenburg due to assumptions over the theft of electricity.

As local police officers unveiled, the power was allegedly being stolen from the transformer station, located nearby.

As of writing, it remains unknown how come precisely the crypto miners managed to connect to the electrical grid. It is also unclear whether they were using the power for free or not.

What Is The Damage?

As per preliminary estimates, the damage from illegal actions of the miners amounted to about 60 million roubles (over $1 million) .

Therefore, the Russian law enforcement authorities currently plan to institute criminal proceedings under article “Grand theft.” According to it, the crypto miners will have to face ten years of incarceration.

How Big Was The Farm?

In the photos, released by the city police, the crypto farm on the factory is enormous. In particular, it occupied the entire one-floor building.

There, were staying rows of ASIC, specialized equipment for mining bitcoins.

Because these facilities are so powerful and have increased productivity, they dissipate heat in vast quantities. To cool them down, Orenburg miners established in the building giant potent fans.

By the way, it is not the first case like this discovered in Russia. Some weeks ago, Russian scientists, who worked at the most secret nuclear center of the country in the city of Sarov, were caught for allegedly mining cryptos right on the supercomputer.