No More Mobile Operators & Data Interceptions — Blockchain Phone Presented

No More Mobile Operators & Data Interceptions — Blockchain Phone Presented

The future is happening —PundiX, an international startup, has developed a novel smartphone which facilitates decentralized calls. The device is based on the unaltered ledger and it independent from centralized mobile providers. The gadget has been presented this week in Bali. 

No Interception of Calls, PundiX Guarantees

Perhaps, a new revolutionizing device has been presented this week at the XBlockchain Summit in Bali. XPhone is a smartphone based on the blockchain which makes users independent from mobile operators and protects information from being intercepted. 

The phone was tested at the summit as its presenters made a call there, the PundiX’s co-founder Pitt Juan wrote in a blog on Medium.

One of the founding fathers of the company also noted that the call is performed thanks to the integrated data exchange of private and public keys. Because of this, the calls are well-secured. 

Blockchain Part

The XPhone is working on another development of the PundiX’s team — a DLT called Function X Blockchain. The software Function X is based on Android 9.0, thus, Android users can benefit from it as it is compatible with Android apps.

«Function X is not just a public chain. It is a total decentralized solution. It consists of five essential components: Function X OS, Function X Blockchain, Function X IPFS, FXTP Protocol, and the Function X Docker,» explained Pitt Juan.

He also added that each gadget in the startup’s developed system will be a node:

«Every device in the Function X ecosystem will be a node and each will have its own address and private key, uniquely linked to their node names, not unlike traditional URL and IP addresses.»

At the moment, phone manufacturers can test XPhone OS as it is available to them. The co-founder also emphasized that the novel DLT, the phone itself and other parts of the ecosystem will be formally launched in the second quarter of the next year. 

Image Source: PundiX