Qlink ICO - Quite an Ambitious Project

Qlink ICO - Quite an Ambitious Project

Sick of ICOs, that seemed to be scams? Ok, guys, we got something for you. Meet the Qlink - the world’s first decentralized mobile network.

The Qlink ICO is one of the most extraordinary projects that we have come across in recent days. The global telecom industry produces over $1 trillion a year in revenue.

Qlink team plans to create a platform which allows wi-fi sharing, flexible data packages and redefines mobile networks. Also, they want to make a mobile data marketplace. The project will target the telecom industry and increase the efficiency and security of existing systems.

Project’s team already have a lot of experience in mobile network technology. Allen Li - Qlink’s Chief architect - is also a Huawei software engineer and founder of Youyou Mobile.

The Qlink tokens are on the NEO chain and can be paid for with NEO. They have chosen for the NEO chain due to the high TPS and their high-quality connections with Onchain (Company behind NEO).

Without a doubt, the problems that the Qlink ICO is attempting to tackle is worthy of serious attention and the market is probably large enough.

We like that Qlink is using shared wifi services as its first wedge into space. This seems to be an area of high utility for consumers and a practical low entry point for Qlink. We are especially excited about the hardware component and its potential to drive forward a decentralized peer-to-peer mobile network.

The plus is that Qlink ICO offers are mindful of the needs of the existing telecom giants occupying the space. It is clear they have a comprehensive understanding of the telecommunications space. They have found a few active use cases where blockchain technology can help increase value and reduce costs to all parties involved.