Steven Seagal Became The Face Of The Dubious ICO 'Bitcoiin'

Steven Seagal Became The Face Of The Dubious ICO 'Bitcoiin'

Hollywood actor Steven Seagal became the international ambassador of a Bitcoiin2Gen project; his participation is actively used by the creators of the project in the advertisement of the forthcoming ICO.

As reported in the official press release of the project, as a Buddhist, Zen teacher and healer, Steven lives by the principles according to which the development of the physical "I" is important for the protection of human spirituality. He believes that everything he does in his life leads people to awaken and enlightenment in some form. It is these tasks that Bitcoiin2Gen pursues to provide the community with a decentralized P2P payment system, with its purse, on a reliable blockchain-platform.

- the release explains.

The Coindesk studied Bitcoiin2Gen and came to the conclusion that the project is very similar to the closed "crypto-currency pyramid" BitConnect, the creators of which left depositors without funds. In the project that Sigal represents, a similar referral system works, which allows you to receive bonuses. Also, the name of the Bitcoiin cryptocurrency can mislead inexperienced users, because it is too similar to Bitcoin.

Seagal himself does not comment on his participation in the project. It is noteworthy that the post in the official Twitter account of the actor referenced by the media, and where the referral link was indicated for registration, was deleted and replaced with a new one, already without the link:

Apparently, the project organizers did not like the comparison with the pyramid and the association with the infamous BitConnect.

Experts advise everyone who wants to invest in ICO, consider the scam absolutely all projects, except those who can prove that this is not so.

Information Source: Coindesk