On Stormy Daniels’s Site It Is Possible To Use Cryptos For Watching Porn

On Stormy Daniels’s Site It Is Possible To Use Cryptos For Watching Porn

Stormy Daniels, known as an American porn star and stripper, has swollen the ranks of crypto-supporters. The official website of an adult-industry entertainer, who has recently got into a legal battle with the US president Donald Trump, is going to adopt cryptos as a unique payment method. Thus, Stormy Daniels’s fans will be encouraged to consume her adult content.

Virtual Coins For Virtual Sex

A few months ago the whole world heard about Stormy Daniels, Stephanie Clifford by birth, as she claimed to have had some bonds with Donald Trump back in 2006, which has led to a legal dispute.

Now the noted porn actress is making the world hear about her again as she dealt with Vice Industry Token (VIT) to introduce cryptos to her working website StormyDaniels.com. The move was announced on Friday, May 25.

VIT was developed to be used in the adult entertainment sphere, and in the frames of the announced partnership, these tokens are going to be used on Stormy Daniels’s platform. As visitors watch videos on StormyDaniels.com, they receive the coins as a reward, and can later use them to get access to premium-class videos or pay for other website’s services, which underpin the coin.

However, Stormy Daniels’s site is not the only platform where this token will be rolled out. As per the notification made by the firm which is running Stormy Daniels’s site – Darkreach Communications, there will be more than 20 other VIT stimulants launched.

Rob Murray, the president of the managing firm, mentioned above, called the act of implementing cryptos on the porn star's site a “no-brainer.” Also, he added:

"With VIT, everyone is going to make money – from the users on my sites, to myself and the performers. The way the VIT blockchain works, we all get a piece of the token, and the guaranteed genuine data is the icing in the cake."

Other Uses Of Cryptos In The Adult Industry

The case of Stormy Daniels’s site is not new at all. In fact, at the moment the attention of the adult industry in cyber assets is growing. One of the reasons for that is the provision of the users’ anonymity which is crucial in the sphere.

Another excellent example of it is that just a month ago Pornhub, a titan in the adult entertainment field, informed that it was going to start accepting Verge tokens for payments. At that time, the vice president of the service Corey Price said that the use of cyber-coins would allow its users to pay for the services anonymously.

Also, there already is a strip-club where clients can pay the performers in cryptos. It is the Legends Room, a Las Vegas adult entertainment club, where visitors can also buy bitcoin right from the club’s ATM to pay the strippers. Another exciting innovation of this center is that its strippers wear a QR tattoo on their bodies, which customers will be able to scan with their gadgets and, thus, send actors the payment.