The "CryptoKitties" was replaced by "CryptoCelebrities"

The "CryptoKitties" was replaced by "CryptoCelebrities"

At the end of last year, we told you about the game CryptoKitties, in which you can buy and sell virtual kittens. Recently it became known about another similar project. The game is called CryptoCelebrities, everything is arranged in the same way, but instead of kittens here, as the name of the project itself suggests, - celebrities!

All calculations in CryptoCelebrities are conducted in the Ethereum cryptocurrency (or, as all are accustomed to, "Ether"). The system generates cards with photos of celebrities, after which the user is free to choose which contract of celebrity he wants to buy (the actors and musicians themselves have nothing to do with the game).

Then the system generates a new, higher, price for the "contract". Another user can buy a celebrity card, and the owner of the "contract" cannot refuse the deal. When the "contract" is sold, the player receives almost the entire amount; the system takes a small percentage. The more "contract" is bought, the higher it's cost.

In the top of the most expensive "contracts" are the US president Donald Trump, actresses Angelina Jolie and Emma Watson, the alleged Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of Tesla and SpaceX Ilon Mask and musician Kanye West. The most expensive card is the creator Ethereum the programmer Vitalik Buterin, it costs 24.5 aether ($ 25 thousand), it was bought 31 times.

The creators of CryptoCelebrities reported that real celebrities could also participate in the game. After confirming their card, they will be able to receive 3% from each transaction.

 The official launch of the game was scheduled for January 25.

Information Source: CryptoCelebrities