French UNICEF Accepts Donations in 9 Cryptos

French UNICEF Accepts Donations in 9 Cryptos

If you are a crypto-enthusiast who would like to help children, then this is your time. The French leg arm of the UNICEF has begun receiving benevolent contributions in 9 most known digital coins. 

The move took place after a few months when the agency of human-centred aid to children set off several other cyber-money-related projects. 

Donating in Bitcoins

French media have spread the press release by French UNICEF, stating that the humanitarian office in France starts accepting endowments in BTC (bitcoin) and ETH (ether), as well as other 7 most popular cyber-assets. To take a handful of examples: 

  • BCH (bitcoin cash)
  • XRP (ripple)
  • DASH (dash)
  • LTC (litecoin) 
  • EOS (eos)
  • XLM (stellar)
  • XMR (monero)

According to Cryptonaute report, the charitable contribution can be sent straightforwardly via French UNICEF site. The French agency’s director, referring to the move, said that cryptos and DLT used for philanthropic aims offer novel capacities to reach out to people and assist them in making the lives of children better. 

The agency’s official also singled out that so far few entities in the niche have resorted to cyber-money and blockchain to raise funds, but overall there is an upward trend in the adoption.

Other UNICEF Crypto-Related Initiatives

It’s not the first time when the UN’s agency for backing children is turning to cryptos. At the end of winter 2018, UNICEF set off a campaign “Game Chaingers” for accepting endowments for young ones in Syria. The program envisaged that interested gamers installed unique crypto-generating software to mine ETH for offspring.  

After a few months, the Australian branch of UNICEF launched a similar program, according to which users were asked to give out some of their computing potency for the generation of cryptos. A special site called “The Hopepage” was created. 

Visitors can allow the program to access their gadgets to produce and contribute cyber-assets while online. At present, there are 22,000 users generating and contributing digital coins for Australia UNICEF project.

Image Source: Flickr