WINGS. What Benefits Does the Platform Offer to the Users?

WINGS. What Benefits Does the Platform Offer to the Users?

Wings - a decentralized platform for creating, participating and managing DAO. It works on the blockchain technology using smart contracts.

Wings team aims to create the most affordable DAO platform. Its dissemination contributes to the ability to interact with DAO using virtual assistants (chatbots) in the most popular instant messengers. Startups, entrepreneurs and existing companies can quickly launch their DAO on the Wings platform.

Wings DAO owners can study the proposals and participate in the most promising projects.

DAO revolution

Wings is a decentralized autonomous organization. Its management is entirely concentrated in the hands of the Wings DAO token owners. They can receive a part of tokens from new DAO which works on the Wings platform. A voice in DAO is available to all tokens holders that can support or reject the new offer.

Wings provide an intuitive way to control DAO. It does not require knowledge of programming languages such as Solidity or Serpent.

Communication with bots

Chatbots help to communicate with sophisticated technologies familiar to the user language. Big companies (Facebook and Microsoft) began to develop their bot-API following the success of the Telegram bot API. We make the interaction with the DAO more naturally and available by combining API of great messengers with smart contracts. Interaction with DAO through the Wings bots is as comfortable as to send messages to friends.

Programming skills

Wings provide an intuitive way to control DAO. It does not require knowledge of programming languages such as Solidity or Serpent. Wings helps every smartphone owner to interact with DAO.

DAO creators can suggest new ideas and get feedback from the participants anywhere, at any time, directly from favored messengers.

Auto part

WingsDAO keepers will be able to set limits and adjust the settings for automatic participation. Smart contracts will do the rest, automatically allocating funds between different DAO by the specified parameters.

“Know your customer”

Companies, launching a new DAO, will be required to disclose data and go through a decentralized inspection under the policy “know your customer.” Only after this, the new DAO will be allowed in the voting stage. It will reduce the fraud number and get rid of the spam. It will help the community to focus on truly innovative and life-changing projects.

The reputation system

Wings is the Web-of-Trust realization. It will sort the DAO makers allowing participants with a high rating to start a new DAO much easier and faster by reducing the number of required votes. Web-of-Trust approach does not allow the possibility of manipulating the voting system.

Compliance with legislation

Wings regulations will help businesses better adapt to the laws of their countries. Group of legal consultants will assist in the licensing of DAO projects.

Joint participation

The joint use of the rating systems and automatic involvement allows platform users to determine the competent members and to copy their actions.

DAO tokens owners have the opportunities to:

  • Get the part of tokens from DAO future companies.
  • Vote for any new DAO presented on the Wings platform.
  • Communicate with DAO through chat-bots or web application.
  • Assess, get the rating and take part in the reputation system Wings.
  • Follow the leaders using cooperative participation model.
  • Become leaders and get some tokens from subscribers.

DAO creators have the opportunities to:

  • Create, configure and manage DAO without specialized knowledge.
  • Communicate with DAO users via the chatbots system.
  • Store the funds of DAO members safely and transparently without direct access to them.
  • Use the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and the Rootstock (EVM for Bitcoin).
  • Get evaluation and feedback from the community.