TradeOgre Review

TradeOgre Review

Tradogre is a crypto-exchange platform. Being designed for cryptocurrencies, you can easily spot your crypto within the Market link offering in BTC and LTC Markets. From the first sight, resource has a simple and user-friendly design and focuses completely on its main goal ― cryptocurrencies exchange.

Established in 2018, the platform offers a clear interface without many distracting details. Thus, much is done instinctively, yet the site is too humble, and navigating won’t be challenging.

Pros & cons


  • fast and easy sign-up
  • appealing trading fees
  • nice range of coins
  • low withdrawal fees


  • no fiat depositing
  • no support online

TradeOgre: Supported cryptocurrencies

When on this site, the range of cryptocurrencies won’t let you down. Here, you’ll find many interesting options. You can pick the following:

  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • Verge
  • Monero

Yet, you should be careful as not all of them are well-known ones. The site is quite popular among those who are interested in anonymous transactions and private coins. With private coins, the point is to have transactions with high anonymity behind all processes.

Thus, if you’re new to the concept of cryptocurrencies, this site might not be the easiest option. Also, don’t forget some coins online, which aren't popular and whose prices are meager. There are some altcoins whose value is 0.00000001 BTC.

Yet, if you want your processes to be fast, easy, and anonymous, TradeOgre is one of the best options.

How Does TradeOgre Work?

If you come across this site, your first step is to register. The good news is that the process is speedy. The only thing is your mail verification, and that’s all. As the site highlights the anonymity, it doesn’t trouble you with ID verification or other stuff.

After providing a valid email, your registration is complete. Then, you’re allowed to look at what the site offers. Here, you have 2 market options: BTC and LTC. The former one offers 84 coins, ranging from famous ones to unknown ones. The latter one offers 17 cryptocurrencies.

Even though TradeOgre website isn’t quite informative, you’ll discover the interesting info located at the bottom of the page. The first part of it is the current price of BTC and LTC. Also, you’ll see how many people are online. Generally, it’s about more than 900 people. Also, you get access the following tabs:

  • Twitter link
  • API
  • Fees
  • Coin Listing

Customer support at TradeOgre

The main concern for you can be the customer support issue. On the site, you won’t find any email or link where you can apply for help. What’s more, Help tab is presented on the site. But this link will lead you to two options: API and Fees.

Is there any way of contacting the site? The answer is almost no. TradeOgre doesn’t give any directions on how to solve the problems someone can have during particular exchange procedures. There’s no even a FAQ section.

Yet, you’ll discover a Twitter link. This is a bit helpful but only in terms of updated news. There’s no way you can demand a solution to your problem through Twitter.

Security on TradeOgre

The only option you’ll have is two-step authentication provided by Google in terms of security.

For now, you won’t find any other information regarding how the site can assure your security. But don’t forget TradeOgre is mainly focusing on a private coins exchange. Thus, people willing to have their processes done fast and without disclosing their identity are the main site’s users.

TradeOgre’s payments and fees

Before you start trading online, remember that the site doesn’t accept fiat deposits. Thus, all your transactions are done via cryptocurrencies only.

Fee schedule

One of the things the site can be proud of is the site’s fees. For now, the charge for the transaction is 0,2% on fulfilled order online.

Withdrawal fee

Coming to this section, you’ll find a great variation in prices. For every coin type, the fees will be different. For example:

  • LNS Line: 0.1
  • SHB SkyHub: 0.01
  • BTC: 0.00031511
  • Doge Coin: 1.71531030


TradeOgre crypto exchange platform is for experienced crypto miners. The site is also optimal for those who value fast transactions without identity verification. Finally, on the site, you get a great range of coins for exchange, especially private coins. Definitely worth checking out!

TradeOgre Review
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