Cryptocurrency Games: How To Find The Best, Top 3 Games

Cryptocurrency Games: How To Find The Best, Top 3 Games

The most enjoyable way of making money is probably by playing games. However, it isn’t just a dream where you earn crypto, these games really exist! Read until the end to learn all about these unique pokies.

What are crypto games?

Online crypto games are the possible future of gaming. They allow you to withdraw crypto and later turn it into real cash while also having fun at the game. Depending on the game, you exchange the in-game items, in-game currency, and other things to crypto.

You may also invest in some crypto games. This makes the progress you make there faster, and the possibility of earning tokens quicker. However, beware of scams and don’t invest in them. Later in the review, you learn how to choose only trustworthy projects, so stay tuned.

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Is it possible to earn crypto playing games?

Yes, secure games on blockchain allow you to cash out crypto. It may be done to an exchange, your wallet, or another place with a correct crypto address. Earning cash in these games varies a lot.

Some allow you to collect rare cards and sell them to other players for crypto. Others give you an opportunity to make a city and earn taxes or other in-game things to later turn them into crypto. The possibilities are endless and depend on the crypto games you choose.

How we value Blockchain games

Now, it’s time for you to learn how to choose only secure crypto mining games. It’s meaningful to remember, not to lose funds to a fraud project later on.

Safety and security

Online crypto games need to be protected since a lot of money in tokens goes in and out of there. Famous Blockchain projects implement not one, but several technologies to protect user data from third-party scams.

The length of existence

It’s a vital factor to also take into notice. If a project is new, then it’s quite dangerous to invest any crypto into it to earn more. It’s better to choose games with more than 2 years of existence.

For example, a Blockchain game Ethermon has existed for more than a few years already. It makes the service safer than others and proves the game to not have scammed anyone over a large period of time.

Proof of payouts and a real player base

Finally, payout proofs are also important. You don’t want to be scammed on the withdrawal part at online crypto games, do you? To find them, search on the game website itself, or read on this topic on forums about the game.

Also, look up if the game is played by real players, not bots. Scammy projects make you think you’re one of the millions playing their game, but all others are just bots. For example, Megacryptopolis has its own Discord server where you see real people chatting. It proves the game has a real audience.

Top 3 crypto games

You know how to find the best games based on blockchain. Now, look at our professional top 3 crypto pokies and decide if you want to choose one of them, or just find others for yourself.


Mythereum is one of the card-collecting crypto games based on the Ethereum crypto coin. You begin playing with the first 30 free cards. If you want to gather other cards, then you grind by battling with opponents, or just buy them.

Every card is sold to another person with the price in Ethereum. The rarer the card, the more the price you may sell it for.

EOS Knights

EOS Knights is one of the mobile crypto games. You play it from any place in the world, using Android or iOS mobile devices. As you might guess from the title, the game allows you to earn EOS tokens.

You do so by fighting the bad guys in the game itself. Over time, you upgrade your warriors more, and get crypto even quicker than ever before.


Megacryptopolis is a very serious game that requires big strategic knowledge. You can’t just go and mindlessly begin to earn crypto there, but once you understand the game, profits from it are huge.

Your goal is to build a city, manage it, collect taxes and building materials, and many other things to remember. You might ask questions from the community on the Discord server of the pokie. Players are willing to help newcomers and make some offers for them.


In this article, you’ve managed to learn about Blockchain games. You now know how they work, why they make the future of gaming, and how to choose only secure pokies. In the end, you also learned about the most popular crypto games, and what their goal is.

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