0xuniverse Review

0xuniverse Review

Would you like to spend your time with use? Earn cryptocurrency just playing a fascinating game. It has numerous positive features that attract game lovers from different parts of the planet. And you’re here to get to know all of them!

What is 0xuniverse

0xUniverse belongs to the most popular blockchain games about the future allowing its players to earn cryptocurrency. Modern technologies in spaceflight have allowed people to travel to distant star systems and discover other planets. Every player can build spaceships and factories, explore new planets, and become their owners. They can become participants of corporations and have fun socializing. Players can collect resources, build ships, and create a huge empire for humans. They launch rockets and can sell their planets.

This game works on the browser basis, but also has a mobile app for Android and iOS. Though the application offers a limited field of functions and only lets you browse the planets, the game is an excellent option for people who’re interested in cryptocurrency and want to have a fun time and earn money.

Pros and Cons

Every player can forget about the time and personal problems here. Would you like to test it? If you’re a newbie in a blockchain game or you’re interested in this one, the 0xuniverse review reveals all the features of it. Just continue reading to get to know about all the benefits and pitfalls of the 0xuniverse.


  • Fast downloading and installation
  • Easy registration
  • Profitable returns on your galactic investments
  • Smooth loading
  • Simple way to earn cryptocurrency


  • Some legendary planets are extremely pricey
  • Simple graphics
  • Mobile apps’ features are limited


The registration procedure is intuitive and fast. To start, you have to load the 0xUniverse site. You’ll notice the red button “Play now.” Click it and wait a few minutes for the game to load. Next, the site redirects you to the page with a registration field. You have to enter your email and nickname which you’ll use in the game. When you fill out the data, you press the joining button and become a game participant.

0xuniverse game isn’t for free. To start playing it, you have to buy a planet. You need an Ethereum wallet to hold your planets and spaceships in. If it’s your first experience of using cryptocurrency, you can use Arcane. You’ll have your secret key which is in the cloud. Thanks to it, your joining procedure is easier. It’s the last step of your joining. Now you’re a fully-fledged game user and enjoy your space adventure. Discover the planet and sell your own to earn cryptocurrency.

How to use 0xuniverse game?

Your usage of this game starts from the purchasing of a planet in 0xuniverse. There are 4 types of planets to collect:

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

If you’re conscious and adventurous, you’re welcome to buy a high range planet, such as epic or legendary. They cost more money, but they present you with more opportunities. If you doubt, start with a common planet that costs less than others. Buying it, you become its owner and can discover its resources. They contain inhabitants and minerals. You utilize minerals to build spaceships. But be ready to pay for gas for your trips. Also, on legendary planets, you can find such rare minerals as Uranium, Diamond, or Titanium. They allow you to build spaceships of higher quality. With them, you receive the opportunity to discover high-ranking planets. To conclude, if you want to create prime spaceships, you have to find rare minerals.

When you receive a planet, your colonists automatically start gaining knowledge. One person gets 1 unit of knowledge every hour. The more citizens in your colony you have, the faster you receive new knowledge. It’s a reason to discover and get as many planets as you can. In case you have enough knowledge, you have the invent a spaceship button. Besides, you can sell your planets. Just put your planet up for auction and wait. It’s the most convenient way to get cryptocurrency without huge efforts and work. Also, you can present your planet to your friends and conquer the galaxy together.


Every participant can use one of three various wallet types: MetaMask, Arkane, and 0xWallet. You’re free to choose any planet you like. The prices for common planets start at 0.0002 ETH, and Legendary planets go all the way up to 298,502 ETH. The prices are affordable, so every beginner can start their adventure!


The creators of 0xuniverse game do all their best to provide the absolute safety of its users. Your transactions with cryptocurrency are secure, and your profile is tied to the email you use to play the game. If you notice some suspicious activity, you can face a support team that’s available 24/7.


The 0xUniverse game presents a good twist to adventure and exploration games. You shouldn’t constantly collect items or do particular actions. There are various planets that you can explore and colonize, and get cryptocurrency for selling them. Here you can invent your spaceships, increase your population and knowledge, collect resources, perform ship missions, use map options, and use other features. Did you discover a legendary planet? Share it with others in the comments to let them see how beautiful it is!

0xuniverse Review
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