Age Of Rust Review

Age Of Rust Review

In this age of cryptocurrency lovers and users, games with coin support have become inevitable. With the modern approach, such games become appealing with their decentralized markets. Here comes the game Age Of Rust where you’re to plunge into the dark world of the treasure hunt.

How does the blockchain feature make this game different from others? Age Of Rust supports cryptocurrencies, and thus, all your in-game transactions are possible thanks to these coins. So, you’ll have a chance to benefit from the internal game economy to get useful items and collectibles.

With the last update in 2019, this game is still under development by Space Pirate Games. Now, it’s available in the pre-alpha demo version, and it’ll take some time to complete the mission. Yet, this fact doesn’t discourage you from playing a sci-fi puzzle game with adventure elements along with a dystopian theme.

Pros & Cons


  • Fun to play
  • Blockchain support
  • Sophisticated market


  • No mobile compatibility

How to start playing Age Of Rust?

In most cases, to play the game, you’ll be enjoying only online versions. But Age Of Rust can also be downloaded on the site. It has a link called Pre-Alpha Demo. If you get to this link, you’ll see some important descriptions and requirements.

Despite not being available on iOS or Android, the compatibility is good for Windows and Mac users. This is enough to start your gaming experience online. Unlike what was required before, now you’re not supposed to have an Enjin wallet.

About Age Of Rust site

The site is at your service with very detailed info available. The dark style gives a sense of the game itself. Within site, you’ll find the following:

  • Market: a place where you obtain blockchain game items
  • FAQ: here you find general info regarding the game
  • Pre-Alpha Demo: the downloadable link of the game
  • Puzzle Links like Red Fern Valley and Fomo


Time to see what the game is about. You’re a single player in the role of a rogue treasure hunter. Your aim to find the treasures via solving puzzles. Your trade is made with in-game currencies.


With great graphics, you start your treasure hunt with solving puzzles on your way. Yet, the puzzles here come in 3 different types.

The first type is like level puzzles. Your goal is to solve and go on further. The other type requires crypto items. The last type is about solving the mystery. You’re given clues to follow and solve for which you can gain rewards in cryptocurrencies.


Blockchain game means ongoing transactions. So, you’ll buy and sell, and thus, in-game currencies are what you need to have. They’re known as Rustbits.

They’re used to buying and selling items and collectibles from other users. What’s more, the trading process is available both during the game and on the site.

Unlike previous updates of the game, now you can’t buy them directly. The process of obtaining is possible on the market. Here, you can buy those Rustbits from other users.


Besides the in-game kiosk, there’s a public market you can access from the site. OpenSea is a market of the game. Here you find everything you need to proceed with the game itself. Don’t forget that EnjinCoin backs all crypto items.

With OpenSea, you have more different options than just trade. Browse function helps you find what's offered or have the statuses, such as for sale, on auction, new, “offers”. Also, OpenSea has a blog, where you can get useful info.

What’s more, the rankings will show you the users online with their transactions. Yet, another wonderful thing about this game is that you can access the chat online. If you need help, there’s always someone online 24/7.


Despite some possible bugs and setbacks in graphics, the Age Of Rust game is definitely for those who know how to spend their cryptocurrencies smartly. You enjoy, solve puzzles, hunt for treasures, and win the rewards. The in-game dynamic markets will allow you to become a smart trader as well. So, visit the site, learn more about the game in the blog and FAQ, and take your time to download and play it.

Age Of Rust Review
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