EOS Knights Review

EOS Knights Review

Are you interested in blockchain and know well what it means? Then, have a look at the blockchain game — EOS Knights. Before delving into this game, let’s understand its concept.

What does a blockchain game actually mean? It’s a new and trending type of video games. Blockchain technology is employed to combine cryptocurrencies into gaming. Thus, you get a game where crypto coins become an internal economy of the game.

EOS Knights is the first blockchain game that came into existence in 2018. Since then, it has become one of the most popular games online. Within the game, the transactions are possible among the players-decentralized application.

Pros & Cons


  • Nice graphics
  • Blockchain support
  • Decentralized platform
  • Mobile compatibility


  • Limited number of features to test on the official site

How to start playing EOS Knights?

Thanks to its multi compatibility, the game is easily played both through mobile devices and web browsers.

Before you can start playing the game, you have to know it’s based on the EOS platform. EOS platform indicates the strong infrastructure for so-called decentralized apps. As was mentioned, the EOS Knights is an example of a decentralized app, dApp.

Also, EOS is a blockchain platform, meaning it supports cryptocurrencies. Considering all these features, the platform allows the development, execution, and hosting based on a commercial scale.

Playing on the site

Thanks to the game compatibility, you just can initiate gaming online. Yet, your browser should have a Scatter extension. Also, you need to have an EOS account enabling you to play your game with blockchain support.

Playing on the go

Playing with mobile devices is another intriguing experience. You just download the game and start your journey. Both Android and iOS devices support EOS Knights, so no matter what gadget you own, you’ll have a chance to try the game.

EOS Knights’ gaming

Once you have downloaded your game or added a Scatter extension, it’s time to start. Here’s what the game is about.

About your knights

Your aim during the game is to protect your village from orcs and destroy the gobbling on the EOS arena online. However, it’s not about having a knight as your ultimate hero.

In total, you'll have 3 characters to pick from. The first character you may pick up is Eric The Knight, who uses swords as a weapon. Then, you may choose Oria The Archer with arrows and bow. The last one is Scarlett The Mage who uses magic as a weapon.

Besides, taking care of the village, your chosen hero should level up. Of course, your hero can die during the game, yet you don’t lose your collectibles. Also, the most important resource for your hero is Magic Water as this is what makes him move forward in the game.

Market Place

As you progress with the game, your buying and selling activities are inevitable. Since the game is decentralized, it allows you to perform all this among real players. Thus, the market becomes an indispensable tool in your game.

Among many interesting features of the game, the EOS Knights marketplace is worth your attention and visit. As your ultimate goal is to upgrade and survive, here you’ll find everything you need.

At the market, you’ll discover needed items, weapons, and other useful stuff for your hero. Prices come in EOS coins supported by the game platform. To upgrade your hero, you can obtain armor and needed accessories as well.


Can you imagine a hero without his or her best friend? Here comes the feature of pets which are given to every hero. Pet isn’t obtained through the market, yet you need to collect game tickets to get one. The more you collect, the higher chance of getting an extraordinary great pet.

The pet helps heroes to increase their attack power alongside the HP. What’s more, the pet is also useful in increasing the speed of the heroes. However, the bad news is that heroes can have only 1 pet.

In sum, there are 24 pets available. 8 are just normal pets. The other 8 are rare ones. Also, you have 4 unique animals. The hardest pets to obtain during the game are 4 legendary pets.

About EOS Knights site

In terms of the platform, it’s a bit basic. The information provided there seems scarce, yet it can be considered adequate to some extent. The only way to contact the support team is via social media links provided by the site.


EOS Knights is an appealing RPG game that’s based on the EOS platform with blockchain support. Your crypto coins are your means of trade at this game. Get your knights and be the best hero among others!

EOS Knights Review
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