Ethermon Review

Ethermon Review

Ethermon is a decentralized Pokemon-like game where players can locate, purchase, exchange, drill, and spin around game features. Players are also enabled to alter their monsters for battling them over other monsters. This additional scale of difficulty and social connection does Ethermon an awesome gain in the environment of crypto-collectibles.

Pros & cons of Ethermon gameplay


  • Amazing UX/UI
  • Mons are purchased and raised for reward
  • Items gotten while enjoying games are token exchangeable
  • Free market among players
  • Better educated monsters gain greater value
  • Game decentralization
  • Decent security system
  • The user possesses all values ​​created while playing
  • Ability to receive rewards


  • Speed of the website is slow
  • Limited sum of Monsters to capture
  • Slow transactions process
  • Complicated use of Dapps
  • The game can be expensive
  • Little game simulation creativity

Setting up an interactive gameplay Ethermon

3 steps how to evolve in an interactive gameplay Ethermon:

  • Step 1. If you’re willing to play on a desktop, install Metamask or Dapper – one of two assisting wallets to begin. If you don’t want to set up Metamask/Dapper, you can make a manual transaction with MyEtherWallet. Provided you play on mobile, refer to Coinbase Wallet/Trust, available on both iOS and Android.
  • Step 2. Top-up Ether (ETH). Ethermon works on the Ethereum gameplay platform. Use ETN to contact the Ethermon environment and pay the proceeding feе. The cost of transaction is the Gas Limit * Gas Price. Gas is a measuring unit of calculation work of running money proceeding in Ethereum network. You can purchase Ether no matter where you live from any digital currency exchange.
  • Step 3. Let’s get it started!

How can I play Ethermon?

The Ethermon environment provides you with various types of ETH game features. Every single monster here features 1 to 3 various species picked among 17 options. Each species has some kind of superiority in combat against another species. That makes fighting more exciting and up in the air. Each Ethermon also has a battle strength: the total score based on each battle statistics.

Existing game modes for Ethermon

  • Gyms. Newbies on Ethermon can find gyms as a more convenient battle regime. Gyms give access to up to 9 characters in a video game that isn’t controlled by a player of the game to tie against your personal Ethermon. If you win gym combats, you can gain more assets for your Ethermon, getting them ready for more complex actions at castles.
  • Rank. Here you have a chance to gain more gaming experience and realize how to win more points and lose less. They’ll affect your rating points, so mind while choosing your opponent.
  • Adventure. This game mode of Ethermon allows you to gain even more rewards. This is possible thanks to the fee payment, but this small investment will definitely boost your gaming satisfaction.
  • Practice. It’s an option of building a team and battling the rivals. To try this game mode, you’re supposed to claim energy. Press the VS icon and check your current store of energy to exchange it for the further battles.


Ether (ETH) is a cryptocurrency powering the Ethereum blockchain. You can use Ether to purchase mons and do lots of activities. Even some newly created mons are no cost, you anyway require some Ether to compensate proceeding bills. Check more about the suggested prices of transactions on ETH Gas station. This small amount of fee, which may vary from 1 GWEI (the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain) to hundreds GWEI goes not to the game team but to the system miners to boost and lead your deal on blockchain. Besides, you can purchase ETH from any digital money exchange from every spot of the world.


Since blockchain has some sort of unreliable features, Ethermon has been providing a trustful platform for many users. Monseekers may always establish full ownership of the game cyber assets, earning money from joining the game’s activities. Game developers make sure no one has a right to interfere with your assets without your permission.

Your cyber currency wallet is completely under your jurisdiction. You may verify the wallet ownership with the private key. Don't share the seed recovery phrase for your digital currency wallet with other people to save your ETH, monsters, EMONT, and any other your holdings from thieving. Reserve these words to store all your information you may need to keep Bitcoin funds on-chain. You might mislay all of your Ethermon gameplay gains, money assets, and items if your device breaks and you don’t have a store of this seed phrase. Thus, remember that you’re the primary one in charge of using measures to make your wallet secure enough.

In addition, Ethermon has a partnership with Arkane Network, Decentraland, Blockchain Game Alliance, Open Sea, and Silica Nexus. These respectful organizations are a double proof of Ethermon safeness and trustworthiness.


As have already been mentioned, Ethermon can be a bit low. But If you’re patient, you may have a lot of fun interacting with it. You can buy a few mons, create a team, coach them, and battle. Later, observe that you mons grow their level, transfigure, and get more solid. All those gameplay parts deliver to Ethermon’s general appeal as a more complicated, natural, and social experience. If you’re looking for the Pokemon-like game, this decentralized game might be a good choice for you. To find out more helpful details, read the Game Guide or watch Tutorial videos on the official website.

Ethermon Review
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