Gods Unchained Review

Gods Unchained Review

Are you interested in crypto games? It’s a wonderful option for those who want not only to have a fun time but also to earn cryptocurrency. Are you intrigued? If yes, continue reading this article to get to know about all the game features and opportunities.

What is Gods Unchained game

Gods Unchained belong to the most popular strategy card games, based on the blockchain principle. It focuses on the competition between players, so they have to create their strategy to outsmart their opponents. They build decks and utilize different tactics, have their digital items, and buy and trade their cards using any method they prefer.

Every player buys or draws cards to create his army, collect artifacts to make it stronger, and fights. He thinks strategically and gets additional points to gain points. Players beat all their opponents to prize a pool that’s expected to win the $1.6 million USD mark.

This game is free to download and install, and it’s available on any PC because it has low requirements. It offers marvelous graphics and sound background. Collect cards or trade them any moment to beat the enemies.

Pros and Cons

Gods Unchained game attracts hundreds of game lovers across the globe. Learn all the benefits and cons you can face here.


  • Costless to install and play
  • Clear and detailed graphics
  • Wonderful sound effects
  • Minimal requirements for a PC
  • Excellent way to earn cryptocurrency
  • Fun-filled and competitive game


  • New players can find it difficult to use Ethereum
  • Paid profitable features
  • No guaranteed success


Everyone can play Gods Unchained game for no cost. If you’re not convinced, you can try it out without any cryptocurrency. To start, you have to browse the official site and click the download button, and then play free. After installation, you load the game and see the window with the registration field. You have to enter your name and email for the verification. Once you’ve created your profile, you can start your adventure!

The game presents you with a costless set of 70 personal cards (140 in total) that are sorted into 6 decks. It’s a so-called welcome set, and it’s created to help new participants get a handle on how the game and each god works. Moreover, you receive core cards for the personalization of your decks.

To start to play, select a deck button for the particular mode you want to use. The game gives you a set of decks. Each of them is based on a particular god. The following gods available:

  • Thariel – God of light
  • Auros – God of war
  • Aeona – Goddess of nature
  • Elyrian – God of magic
  • Malissus – Goddess of death
  • Ludia – Goddess of deception

Depending on the god you select, you gain several available features, but you can choose only one of them for each match. The god powers are fairly balanced. So, if you’re a newbie in games, choose whichever god you think is the most fun to play or create your own.

How to use Gods Unchained game?

It’s a game where the participants can earn crypto, and this way is simple and secure. You shouldn’t invest money to play — just begin collecting cards and increasing your skills. If you want, you can buy cards from other users or trade with them. You fight with other participants, and if you reduce your opponent’s life total to zero before yours goes to zero, you win. You get additional points, and when your experience bar is completed, you receive a new level with a new core set card.

You can trade cards as well, but only with the wallet opened for this purpose. Ether is the international cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network, which Gods Unchained belongs to. And if you gain it from the game, you can also convert it into another crypto. Having a wallet makes your transactions safe and your money secured. Every user can collect items, build the ideal deck, or sell cards for real crypto.


If you’re an enthusiastic gamer, you can buy additional cards, boards, trinkets, and card backs. If you go to the market, you see there are multiple sellers and every one of them puts his own price. The average prices are the following:

  • Cards cost from 0.0001 ETH up to 8888 ETH
  • Boards cost from 0.02 ETH up to 10ETH
  • Trinkets cost from 0.02 ETH up to 0.35 ETH
  • Card back royale costs 0.029 ETH

Each playing card gives you a certain level of power, health, and attack level. You have to install and add your virtual wallet for buying and selling goods. The game creators recommend using the Metamask wallet for a browser and Coinbase Wallet or imToken for mobile devices. All your transactions with a cryptocurrency are secured. The game gives you a simple instruction on how to install them and utilize in-game.


The game creators offer a safe environment for playing and getting money and do their best to provide you total security. They utilize a well-designed security technology that implements safeguards and allows members to feel comfortable while playing.


Gods Unchained is a strategic blockchain game, allowing you to make money and convert it into cryptocurrency. Players buy cards at a low price and sell them when they increase in cost. They battle with other participants and get points for the win. The game allows selling cards and getting international cryptocurrency. Install and browse it for free, no matter your device, and earn money from any part of the planet!

Gods Unchained Review
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