Bitcoin Billionaire Review

Bitcoin Billionaire Review

By providing a stress-free option for crypto trading, the Bitcoin Billionaire website says they’ve convinced more than 1,000 people worldwide to trade using the crypto trading bot. The platform promises fortune, not just through its appealing name, but also through testimonials of previous or current users. Is Bitcoin Billionaire good enough to turn you into one of its positive reviewers? This overview will give you the information you need to decide whether or not Bitcoin Billionaire can take you closer to becoming a billionaire.

Pros & cons


  • User-friendly interface
  • Good customer service
  • High accuracy
  • SSL secured website
  • Demo trading option
  • Feeless structure


  • No mobile app
  • No owner information

Company overview

Year Founded


Official Website

Cryptocurrencies Available

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, and others

Customer Support

Bitcoin Billionaire is an automated crypto trading system created to give everyone a chance to hop on cryptocurrency’s high profitability. Even if those people aren't well-experienced in trading cryptocurrency. The crypto trading bot does this by taking charge of the buying and selling process through its 6 trading indicators that provide it with information about the crypto market and the best ways to react to its current nature. These reactions could be buying, selling, or simply waiting for the right time to do either.

The Bitcoin Billionaire website is compatible with every device and available in various countries worldwide. This makes up for the fact that it doesn't have a mobile app. The website’s security is ensured through its SSL encryption and the safety measures of the trading system’s brokers. Bitcoin Billionaire brokers serve as transaction middlemen. And they’re professional legal bodies authorized to oversee and complete crypto transactions.

Bitcoin Billionaire emphasizes the ease and importance of making a profit on the internet from wherever you are and whenever you want. This is possible because of the crypto market’s 24/7 availability worldwide. The idea that you can make a profit while you're working a different job or even tucked in bed brings the promise of fortune even closer.

Currencies and payment methods

From the angle of supported cryptocurrencies to perform your transactions with, you get altcoins such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Ripple

And many more altcoins with rising values. Cryptocurrencies that simply exist as a payment entity of certain brands aren't available on Bitcoin Billionaire.

Fiat currencies available on the platform include a number of worldwide currencies because people in different countries on different continents can use the trading system. The currencies include:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP

If your country’s actual currency isn't available but you can use Bitcoin Billionaire there, you can use any currency which can easily be converted to the currency of your country.

Bitcoin Billionaire mostly depends on debit or credit cards for both deposits and withdrawals. Such cards include MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro. It also supports other online payment platforms depending on investor location. What’s available to investors in Europe might not be available to those in America. For more information on available payment methods, you’d have to check what’s available to your region once you sign up.

Limits & liquidity

On Bitcoin Billionaire you're only allowed to deposit or withdraw amounts within a certain range and this range, particularly the maximum limit, depends on your chosen payment method. This trading bot’s limits are:

Payment Method

Minimum to Maximum Limit

Major Credit/Debit Cards

$250 to $7,500 per week

Online payment platforms

$250 to limit of the OP platform

Bank Transfer

$250 to unlimited


The Bitcoin Billionaire reiterates multiple times that the trading system is available to everyone for free. The initial $250 deposit is for your first transaction rather than a payment to use the crypto trading bot. While you pay no fees for using the bot, you might encounter certain fees for certain actions such as deposits and withdrawals. The amount paid varies and the range will be discussed subsequently.

Cryptocurrency conversions

You can convert one altcoin to the other while using Bitcoin Billionaire. This feature helps investors move from trading one altcoin with falling or stagnant value to another altcoin with rising or higher values. Investors could also convert to a different altcoin because they prefer their balance in that one. Examples of these conversions are ETH to BTC, BTC to RPX, etc.

These conversions could come at a price because of the differences in values or simply because the traders or brokers charge for the conversion.

Fees and withdrawal times

Because of all the various factors that can change the values of these fees on Bitcoin Billionaire, this is a compilation of the real fees based on payment methods.


Payment Method



Credit/Debit Card

3.99% of the amount


Online Payment Platforms

Varies based on the OP platform


Bank Transfer

1.49% of the amount

1-7 days


Payment Method



Credit/Debit Card


Instant to 2 working days

Online Payment Platforms

Varies based on the OP platform

Instant to 5 working days

Bank Transfer


Instant to 2 working days


The security of Bitcoin Billionaire is ensured through various security measures employed by the developers of the automated crypto trading bot. Measures such as Norton Secured, McAfee Secure, TRUSTe Certified privacy and many more badges are put on the website to assure investors of security. During registration, you don't give any sensitive information, so information is also protected beyond SSL encryption and the many badges.

How to create an account

A Bitcoin Billionaire website is free, quick, and easy to get. The first step is registration and you simply need to provide your first name, last name, and email address to give them a sense of your identity. Once you do this, you're assigned one of their brokers which would be in charge of overseeing your transactions. The broker will also provide you with a crypto wallet.

Next, you’re supposed to deposit if you want to go straight into trading. However, if you’d rather try out the bot first, there's a demo trading option for you. With demo trading, you get to see just what it’s like trading with Bitcoin Billionaire and you can do so without risking your real investments. And ending up with real losses. This is for newbie investors who want a bit of experience before the real deal.

The first deposit is the step that comes before actual trading because it sets the trading in motion. You need at least $250 for your first transaction on the live charts. Investors with more to spare can always deposit more. If your deposit is successful, it should reflect in your balance. If it does, you can now start live trading.

First steps to trading

Now that your account is fully set up, including a balance, you can start trading. Bitcoin Billionaire is mostly an automated bot. Usually, investors just need to click on ’start trading’ and watch the process play out. However, some investors who have more faith in their experience and skill as a crypto trader can make use of the manual trading option. Here, they're in charge of the transactions and setting the parameters for trading rather than the bot.

A trading session can range anywhere from a few minutes to days depending on the current volatile nature of the crypto market and altcoins. After a successful trading session, you’d have made a profit. You can now withdraw this profit using your preferred payment methods. If you plan to keep trading, simply withdraw your profit and leave a certain amount for more trading. If you no longer wish to trade, withdraw your entire wallet balance.


Bitcoin Billionaire might be a popular automated crypto trading bot, however, it’s not without replacements. Some of the alternatives to Bitcoin Billionaire with established reputations include:

  • Bitcoin Era
  • Bitcoin Superstar

Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Superstar have automated features as in Bitcoin Billionaire. The processes are on point and with easy withdrawals taking 24-36 hours on Bitcoin Era specifically. Both platforms also claim over 90% success rate.


The Bitcoin Billionaire trading system offers users a bunch of useful features that give them the confidence to promise investors a life of profit. Security is an assurance, an easy site interface is present to make your navigation a breeze, and the system is free. Moreover, there’s a demo option to give you hands-on trading experience before delving into live trading. Do these features convince you enough they can live up to their promises? If yes, join Bitcoin Billionaire today!

Bitcoin Billionaire Review
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