Bitcoin Circuit Review

Bitcoin Circuit Review

No matter how much you enjoy doing what you do for a living, there’s always a thought lingering in your mind that passive income would be nice to establish. The first thing that hits you that investment is the best way to succeed with the goal. However, becoming a stock market investor is challenging, even for those experienced with the industry. In contrast, the crypto market offers similar opportunities without the need for professional expertise in the field.

Countless crypto trading platforms are getting more and more popular at the moment. So, if you’ve been wondering where to start from, a free trading robot investment is the safest place to begin with. Of course, you require a detailed guide to help you determine if the vendor is trustworthy, and today, Bitcoin Circuit is the one under expectation! Join up to learn more!

Pros & cons


  • High profitability rate
  • Numerous positive user testimonials
  • Minimum trading deposit
  • Unlimited and free withdrawals


  • Mobile application unavailable
  • Unclear information about the founders

Bitcoin Circuit company overview

Year founded



Two brothers (names unknown)

Official website

Customer support

Cryptocurrencies available

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple

Bitcoin Circuit has joined the community of trading vendors relatively recently, but it's gained increased popularity over the time on the market. One of the main features that make the bot stand out from the rest is the automated trading algorithms applied to the trading process. Such an approach is beneficial if you have no prior trading experience. The algorithm ensures that all the primary functions are carried out automatically on your behalf.

A lot of modern investors refuse to rely on machine trading since they fear the risk of loss. Bitcoin Circuit doesn't eliminate the chances of trading losses not because the software is poorly developed but because the crypto market is incredibly volatile. The increased volatility of the market makes it challenging for an inexperienced trader to monitor and analyze all the shifts to end up with a profitable outcome. At the same time, the machine scans the market, gathers the best options to trade with, and then launches the trade automatically when it's the most beneficial. There are no emotions involved in the process. Thus every operation is fast and rational.

Another peculiarity of the Bitcoin Circuit platform lies in the speed of the system. The developers claim to have made it a 0.01 second faster than the competitors, and that means that all the fruitful operations are presented to Bitcoin Circuit in the first place. On top of that, it should be added that the service is free to register and trade with.

Currencies and payment methods

Just as the name suggests, Bitcoin Circuit specializes in Bitcoin crypto trading for the most part. However, there’s a list of other popular cryptocurrencies to experiment with too. You can try trading with the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

The cryptocurrencies can be paired with such fiat currencies as US dollars and Euros.

Even though Bitcoin Circuit is seemingly new to the crypto trading industry, it supports a great variety of payment options to deposit, as well as withdraw your funds. Whether it’s a credit or debit card, wire transfer, or e-wallet that you prefer to use, Bitcoin Circuit accepts them. The most popular payment methods are:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • WebMoney

As the platform develops, more and more local payment agents are added to the list.

Limits & liquidity

Aside from Bitcoin, which is the primary cryptocurrency that Bitcoin Circuit operates with, the main fiat currency that the platform states its charges in — US dollars. Mostly, the imposed limits refer to the depositing minimum and maximum. So far, no withdrawal limits have been disclosed.

Minimum deposit

Maximum deposit



Bitcoin Circuit fees

Bitcoin Circuit is a free trading platform that issues no hidden charges or fees to be aware of. However, the vendor cooperates with trading brokers from various parts of the world. There are broker fees to consider when launching the trade. The fees vary from broker to broker, depending on the location. However, it’s advised to discuss those the minute you’re assigned with a broker (after registration.) In case you feel dissatisfied with the broker or the commission is too high, you can request the switch by stating the issue to Bitcoin Circuit customer support.

Cryptocurrency conversions

No matter how much you make in a trade, you should always consider the current conversion rate. Every 24 hours, the conversion rate changes, and judging by the change, you can come up with a trading pair that’s the most profitable at the moment. So, constant crypto market monitoring is advisable if you’re interested in the most you can get from the trade.

Withdrawal/deposit fees and withdrawal times

Bitcoin Circuit doesn’t provide any information on withdrawal limits or fees, so it's safe to assume there are none. As to the withdrawal time, the option that the platform offers is among the fastest there are. You can get your funds issued to your account within 24 hours after the request was accepted and successfully processed.

It's advised to withdraw your profit instantly to ensure that the passive income is established. You can trade some earned amount over aging, but at least a third of it should be withdrawn.

Payment method

Withdrawal fee

Deposit fee

Withdrawal time

Credit/debit card



24 hours

Wire transfer



24 hours




24 hours


The fact that the platform founders' real names are missing may cause some confusion as to whether the service can be trusted. However, if you look at the bottom of the landing page and carefully read the disclaimer, you'll realize that the vendor belongs to the reputable category. The thing is that Bitcoin Circuit states it clearly that the niche is a risky one, and about 70% of investors lose what they invest. For some, the approach may seem discouraging, while others will view it as a sign of security.

The SSL encryption that the software uses ensures the users' sensitive data's safety. In terms, it’s also emphasized that no personal data is shared or disclosed to any third parties.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Circuit platform

Once you determine how the platform operates, it's time to learn how to create an active account.

Create a personal account

When you visit Bitcoin Circuit, the registration form can't escape your attention. It’s basic and short. Once you type in the personal data, such as your name, phone number, and email, you’re a step away from getting started with the trade. The system processes provided information to ensure your trustworthiness and then sends a confirmation email to the one provided by you. Once you follow the confirmation link, you'll be taken to the sign-in page from where the crypto trades begin.

Fund your account

The services that Bitcoin Circuit offers are free of charge, but trades require startup capital to be taken part in. Various vendors demand a set sum to be contributed, and often, the amount is hard to raise for most. Bitcoin Circuit offers a chance for all to make a fortune starting as low as $250. Besides, the sum can be deposited in any way that suits you since a great variety of payment options are accepted. It takes as long as 2 minutes for the transaction to be processed and accepted. Once the money is funded to the account, you can start with the profitable crypto trade.

Run the test mode

Professional traders may skip the step while inexperienced ones should make use of it. The sole goal of the demo mode is to present the ways the platform operates. Once you see all the strategies in the act and observe how profits build up in demo mode, you'll be able to understand the industry better. The demo test is free of charge, although it's a precise replica of the live one.

Start the live trade

Since Bitcoin Circuit is an automated vendor, there’s almost nothing that you should do to make every trade profitable. When you press the 'Auto Trade' button, the system will do everything for you. However, before that, it's recommended to set various parameters to ensure you're not to lose more than you count on. The system allows it to set the following:

  • Trading pairs
  • Single trade investment
  • Stop-loss limit
  • Trading strategy

Fully automated trades are suitable for traders with no prior experience, but seasoned traders can do it manually. In this case, all the settings are done in person, so is the trade monitoring and individual trade launching.

Bitcoin Circuit alternatives

Should you decide to compare Bitcoin Circuit with other vendors, there are 2 options to consider in the first place. These would be Bitcoin UP and Bitcoin Code. While the former has a lower success rate, it comes with an Android app to use, which is still missing from Bitcoin Circuit. Bitcoin Code has proved to be effective too. However, the trading parameters it offers are a little bit limited when compared to Bitcoin Circuit.

Bitcoin Circuit software: vital features

Bitcoin Circuit is a user-oriented and straightforward service that offers a lovely set of features that differ from those of the competitors.

Payout system

Not only is the Bitcoin Circuit payout system precise, but it’s also fast and impressive. The minimum deposit of $250 can generate as much as $1,200 of profit if the market favors you. Besides, the vendor has no fees deducted from your profit, which makes the cooperation twice as pleasant.

Security system

Providing an online trading platform with your sensitive data is a dangerous venture should the service turn out unreliable. In the case of Bitcoin Circuit, the software is secured with reputable SSL encryption, and so is all the user data. Hacking attacks and related fraudulent activity is eliminated.

Verification system

It’s simple to register with Bitcoin Circuit as long as your intentions are pure and you’re not trying to fool the system. All the user-generated data is checked and verified to rule out any fraudulent occurrences. It may seem tiresome to verify your identity while issuing a withdrawal, but the service ensures that your income goes straight to you instead of a fraudulent third-party.


If you’re thinking about establishing uninterrupted cash flow — the crypto market offers a profitable opportunity for all. The only thing that’s missing is a reputable trading vendor at hand. That’s where Bitcoin Circuit comes in handy. Bitcoin Circuit is a trading software equipped with an automated crypto trading algorithm. The algorithm in use is faster and more precise when compared to other platforms, which makes the robot stand out. All it takes is to register with the Bitcoin Circuit, do it now!

Bitcoin Circuit Review
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