Bitcoin Code Review

Bitcoin Code Review

The chances are that you’ve already heard about crypto trading from one source or another. It's possible that you even know that the crypto market is the most profitable industry to trade with at the moment. You may not know that you can become the next successful crypto investor starting with this very moment.

If you think that you’d be advised to start monitoring the crypto market this very moment, that’s a good idea but not as good as letting the well-developed system do it for you. Trading vendors similar to Bitcoin Code are developed according to a particular algorithm that brings the market and profits from it closer to the least experienced traders. Sounds interesting? Read on to learn more!

Pros & cons


  • Few-step straightforward registration
  • Impressive success rate
  • Transparent payout and fee system
  • Manual and automated modes available


  • Mandatory minimum investment
  • Unavailable developer data

Bitcoin Code company overview

Year founded



A team of crypto traders

Official website

Contact Us

Cryptocurrencies available

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash

Bitcoin Code can be described as an automated trading vendor fit for crypto industry beginners. However, the definition isn’t complete since the manual trading mode that the platform supports allows seasoned traders to trade with the service. Apart from the double approach to trading, the platform features a peculiar trading algorithm. The list of reasons that make it unique isn’t fully discovered, but it's known that it’s faster than others, and thus, more precise.

An automated bot's main idea is to do all the 'dirty job' on the user’s behalf. To put it simply, after you set a bunch of settings and launch the trade, the system will do all the rest for you. The system will scan the market, gather all available information, and develop the most profitable trade. Such an approach ensures the Bitcoin Code success rate doesn't get lower than 90%.

Currencies and payment methods

If you're inexperienced with crypto trading, it's easy to assume that Bitcoin Code is a trading vendor centered on Bitcoin solely. Even though some platforms limit their cryptocurrencies list to Bitcoin only, Bitcoin Code allows it to trade with:

  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple

The reason why the service offers such a great variety of currencies to select from is the impressive market volatility. The more currencies to trade with, the higher are the chances of profit.

To start trading and to withdraw your profits, you need to use payment options of choice to succeed with either. Some less reliable platforms offer a limited range of payment methods to use, while Bitcoin Code supports most:

  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Geotrust
  • Webmoney

Limits & liquidity

Cryptocurrencies can’t be cashed out. Only fiat currencies can be withdrawn and deposited. Bitcoin Code accepts deposits in US dollars, but withdrawals may be converted to local currencies depending upon the payment method involved. As to the limits, there are only two major limits that concern the depositing.

The deposit minimum can be lower than $250, while the maximum can't go as far as $15,000. in terms of the minimum deposit, it needs to be noted that it's considerably lower than other vendors’ offers. Speaking about the maximum deposit, it’s inadvisable to go higher than the bare minimum, especially if it’s your primary trading experience. There are no withdrawal limits to be aware of, though.

Minimum deposit

Maximum deposit




Bitcoin Code belongs to the category of vendors that take no fees for their services. Thus, trading with the vendor is absolutely free. However, once you’re signed up with a trading broker, all licensed and professional, the small commission will be taken from your profit. However, the commission depends upon the broker you operate with. In case you feel like the commission is too high for you, you can reach out to the Bitcoin Code support team and ask about the switch of a broker.

Cryptocurrency conversions

The fact that Bitcoin Code allows the investors to trade with different cryptocurrencies ensured higher profit. Since the market is unstable and volatile, it's suggested that you monitor it closely. Cryptocurrency conversion differs from day to day, and if you watch the market closely, you may succeed with the best conversion rate while trading with the most profitable currency of the day.

Withdrawal/deposit fees and withdrawal times

Seasoned traders usually keep some profit to reinvest in future trades. However, for beginners, it's advised to withdraw any profit instantly to avoid the temptation to trade it and potentially lose due to unfavorable market trends. Bitcoin Code doesn't provide any information on withdrawal limits, and a variety of traders claim that there are limits to be aware of.

The withdrawal process is a little longer than that of depositing. The system has to check the authenticity of your request as well as your identity to rule out any fraudulent actions. Once you issue the request, it may take up to 24 hours before all the information is checked and approved. Nevertheless, it usually takes less than that to receive your funds.

There are no charges from the platform issued upon your withdrawal amount. The service ensures that you can withdraw your profit to the last penny. However, it's vital to keep in mind that the banking option you use may endorse additional fees upon it. That’s why it’s advised to check it with the bank as to additional charges being involved.

Payment method

Withdrawal fee

Deposit fee

Withdrawal time

Credit/debit card



24 hours

Wire transfer



24 hours




24 hours


Whenever there’s any crucial data missing from the platform, it’s natural to be suspicious of it. However, despite the fact that the service developers’ real names aren’t disclosed yet, it’s certified and licensed. What’s more, the information about trading risks stated on the very landing page proves that the vendor is transparent and can be trusted. Lastly, the SSL encryption the system uses ensures that no sensitive data of a user can be stolen and used for any fraudulent purposes.

How to create an account with the Bitcoin Code platform

Among the variety of reasons why inexperienced users are scared of various automated trading vendors is that they’re too complicated for a person with primary trading knowledge. Bitcoin Code, in its turn, is simple and straightforward. There are only four steps to take to start trading. All are self-explanatory and intuitive.

Registration and verification

After you’re through with platform browsing, you should go to the Bitcoin Code homepage, and you’ll see the registration form on the right of the screen. The service requires some basic data to be supplied for the account to be created and verified. Once the system approves your name, email, and phone number, all that's left will be to follow the confirmation link and log into the account.

Primary deposit

Bitcoin Code is a free trading vendor that offers the services out of charge but to participate in real money should be deposited. Unlike the variety of other platforms, it offers a minimum deposit fit for all. It takes as much as $250 to start trading with the vendor and judging by the positive feedback, you’ll be able to double the deposit in no time should the market trends favor you.

To make a deposit, you need to pick either of the fitting payment methods the platform supports. The variety is great so that every user can choose between card payments, wire transfers, and e-wallets. Usually, it takes a few moments for the deposit to be approved and shown in your account. After that, you can proceed with live trading.

Live trade

Before you rush to make a trading profit, there’s a number of trading parameters to be set. Even though the service offers an automated trading approach, such features as the stop-loss limit, trading pairs, and other essential options are set manually. Once you’re through with the parameters, the system will memorize them and use them by default every time the trading starts.

Bitcoin Code alternatives

Bitcoin Code is similar to such platforms as Bitcoin Up and Bitcoin Circuit. However, while the Bitcoin Circuit has a higher success rate, it doesn’t have a mobile app on offer. In the case of Bitcoin Up, the mobile application for Android is available, but the profitability rate is significantly lower.

Critical features of Bitcoin Code

Very often, the trading algorithm is the primary feature that defines a platform. Since it's known that the Bitcoin Code algorithm is faster than a variety of others, it's essential to discover other features that make it exceptional.

Verification process

To ensure a user's identity, the Bitcoin Code features a precise and secure verification process. A potential investor is to verify the identity while registering and when asking for a withdrawal. In such a way, the service rules out fraudulent activity.

User-friendly interface

Inexperienced traders have a lot of information to process and may feel confused and unmotivated when faced with a complex interface and layout. Bitcoin Code developers ensured that the interface is super user-oriented and intuitive. Even if you don't understand something, the layout is so intuitive that it takes moments to get it.

Customer support

If any issue arises and you can't figure it on your own, the Bitcoin Code support service is ready to act instantly. The support is available 24/7, so despite the country you’re from, you’ll get a timely and detailed answer to the request in a matter of minutes.


Bitcoin Code is more than a trading robot. It’s a user-friendly bot designed to assist those interested in a stable income. Bitcoin Code’s transparency and success rate can’t leave anyone indifferent. The only question here is – how fast do you react and take the offered profitability chance?

Bitcoin Code Review
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