Bitcoin Cycle Review

Bitcoin Cycle Review

The crypto market is gaining increased popularity recently. More and more people who’ve been dreaming about passive income and financial freedom start to realize that automated trading vendors are their true saviors. Not so long ago, it was impossible for an investor with basic cryptocurrency knowledge to make a fortune out of it. However, Bitcoin Cycle and similar platforms turned the tables in favor of crypto beginners.

No matter how appealing and motivating it sounds, you should keep in mind that not all automated trading services are equally reliable. Some platforms turn out to be fraudulent and discourage many people instead of helping them become financially free. It’s time to discover which category Bitcoin Cycle belongs to.

Pros & cons


  • Speedy and effortless transactions
  • Informative and responsive support
  • Simplified registration process
  • Customizable trading


  • Missing developer data
  • No mobile app available
  • Limited currency options

Bitcoin Cycle company overview

Year founded



A team of dedicated crypto-traders

Official website

Contact form

Cryptocurrencies available

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple

Bitcoin Cycle is a free trading vendor developed by a team of same-minded crypto traders who decided that the benefit of cryptocurrency should be available for all. In terms of trading software, the system is anything but simple. However, in terms of use, it’s user-friendly and straightforward, so that a user without any prior experience will be able to operate it.

The main feature that makes the platform stand out from the rest is the trading algorithm. The unemotional AI searches the market to pick up the best trading options and then presents them to the trader. Furthermore, the Bitcoin Cycle algorithm is 0.01 second faster than most. Thus, it gathers signals faster and analyzes the data better. It’s no wonder its average success rate is 98%.

The platform is certified and holds a valid license proving its experience to be a reputable one. Every potential trader is closely inspected and validated to rule out any chance of fraudulent activity.

Currencies and payment methods

It’s been mentioned that the variety of trading currencies that the Bitcoin Cycle offers is considered limited. Judging by the fact that new currencies rush to hit the market, Bitcoin Cycle centers around the most popular and reputable ones.

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple

Aside from Bitcoin, every trader can operate with a few other currencies, which positively affects the income flow. Despite that not all cryptocurrencies are supported by the vendor, the payment method versatility may impress you. The platform supports all of the most requested payment options along with other least required ones.

  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Webmoney

Limits & liquidity

Some less-experienced traders may assume that all the cryptocurrency they make can be cashed out, but that’s a misleading assumption. You can cash cryptocurrency out only in fiat currencies. Considering that Bitcoin Cycle supports the major universal currencies such as USD and EUR, which can be further converted to any local currency, cashing out shouldn’t be an issue.

Bitcoin Cycle has a few limits to be aware of. Mostly they concern the deposit you make. The minimum deposit is $250, which is a lot lower when compared to that primary deposit of other platforms. There’s also a maximum depositing limit. The sum shouldn’t exceed $15,000. Since the vendor is primarily oriented at the beginners on the crypto market, these limits shouldn’t cause users any major discomfort.

Minimum deposit

Maximum deposit




For many years trading platforms offered the same service as Bitcoin Cycle. The crucial difference between these platforms was the paid membership. Every trader was asked to pay for the trading service. Bitcoin Cycle doesn’t charge a penny for the services. They’re absolutely free. Depending upon the sum of your trading profit, some percentage will be deducted from it. The percentage varies due to the trading profit but doesn’t exceed 1% of it. There are no other fees or hidden charges whatsoever.

Cryptocurrency conversions

The crypto market is the most volatile of all. It’s difficult to predict the precise shifts in it, but it’s mandatory to monitor them to increase income. Bitcoin Cycle developers bore it in mind when building the platform. The variety of trading currencies to invest in allows every investor to pick the one that seems to be the most profitable at the moment.

Cryptocurrency conversion rates sometimes change overnight. That’s why checking with the market before launching the trade is the most profitable strategy. It’s true that Bitcoin Cycle software won’t do it for you, but that’s a minor sacrifice in favor of your financial stability.

Withdrawal/deposit fees and withdrawal times

It would be little use of making a fortune if you can’t cash it out. That’s why the Bitcoin Cycle offers a wide range of payment methods to use to take your profit. Besides, it takes 24 hours on average to get the funds. The system runs a prior check to ensure all is rightful and there’s no fraudulent activity on a user’s behalf.

Bitcoin Cycle is one of few platforms that doesn’t charge anything upon the fund withdrawal. However, that doesn’t rule out your bank charging some extras on the transaction. To ensure there’s as little as possible stripped off your payment, it’s advised to get in touch with a variety of bank operators to find the lowest fee there is.

As to the depositing, there are no fees involved, and the transaction is a little faster than that of a withdrawal. It may take up to 5 minutes for the funds to be deposited into your account, and then you can carry on with the platform.

Payment method

Withdrawal fee

Deposit fee

Withdrawal time

Credit/debit card



24 hours

Wire transfer



24 hours




24 hours


When it comes to sensitive data shared with an online vendor, there may be a fair share of doubt arising as to its security. To eliminate the doubts, Bitcoin Cycle features a reliable SSL encryption that keeps every user’s data safe and protected. It should be added that Bitcoin Cycle is a licensed and certified platform, which adds up to its reputability.

Lastly, the risk of loss in crypto trading is incredibly high, and Bitcoin Cycle is one of the not so numerous vendors stating it transparently. The very landing page of the website claims that a significant amount of trades ends up in losses. However, the profit possibility exceeds the risks.

How to create an account with Bitcoin Cycle platform

Bitcoin Cycle doesn’t allow it to trade without a verified account created. However, the account creation is as simple as it can only be.

Registration and verification

When you visit the official website, the registration form won’t skip your attention. Besides, even if you choose to browse the platform for a while, registration buttons can be found throughout the page so that you don’t need to scroll up and start registering. Bitcoin Cycle requires preliminary information, such as name, surname, phone number, and email to be provided. However, all stated data should be true to life, and the email and phone number should be valid. That rules out using a VPN to register with the service.

Once you fill the registration fields and confirm the account, it’ll take a few moments for the system to check its truthfulness. In case the data provided is correct, the confirmation link will be sent to your email. Upon following it, you’ll get into your account.

Demo trade test

While most vendors require the primary deposit to be issued after logging into the account, Bitcoin Cycle allows it to browse around and inspect the system. Besides, you can test the platform in demo mode. The demo mode is a precise replica of the live trade so that you can observe the system in action in real-time without spending a penny.

Primary deposit

After you’re through with the demo test, you can proceed with the primary deposit. The minimum you should start with is $250, while the payment options to use are almost unlimited. It usually takes a few minutes for the deposited funds to be displayed in your account. Once the funds are deposited, you can start with the live trade.

Live trade

Bitcoin Cycle is an automated trading platform, so all it takes to engage a trade is to press the ‘Auto Trade’ button and observe the bot do its primary job. However, before you rush to do that, it’s suggested to set a stop-loss limit since the system won’t stop looking for fitting trades and opportunities as long as there’s money in your account. To make sure that you invest only what you can afford to waste without crucial damage to your financial state, stop-loss limit and daily trading limits are to be set.


Bitcoin Cycle isn’t the only automated trading vendor on the market. There are such reliable trading platforms as Bitcoin Code and Profit BTC to pay attention to. If a mobile application to download is a must, then the first will come to your liking. Profit BTC is a good service too, but its success rate is slightly lower than that of the Bitcoin Cycle.

Crucial features of Bitcoin Cycle

Among the variety of trading vendors, Bitcoin Cycle stands out due to its peculiar features:

  • Unemotional approach – even seasoned traders are prone to emotional impulses, resulting in inevitable trade loss. Whereas, the Bitcoin Cycle is utterly logical and unemotional. All the trades are based on pure research and market analysis. Thus, the chance of loss is reduced.
  • Backtest possibility – at the beginning of your crypto trading career, you may still be unaware of how to operate with the platform. Bitcoin Cycle’s demo mode enables anyone to run a real-life trade without any charges involved to improve the trading experience.
  • Time-saving strategy – Bitcoin Cycle trading experience is fully automated so that a user sets the preferred parameters and can leave the process unattended while the algorithm will take care of the operation.

Final words

As scary and unknown as cryptocurrency trading may seem to you, so simple and profitable, it’ll turn out to be should you choose a reliable assistant. Bitcoin Cycle is a simple platform with a unique software backup designed for your profitability. The platform enables traders to cash out anything they make, and the success rate indicates that they make a lot, within a day and with no charges induced whatsoever. The service is open for everyone — will you take the one-of-the-lifetime opportunity or dismiss it? It’s up to you!

Bitcoin Cycle Review
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