Profit BTC Review

Profit BTC Review

Many of you may have been thinking about saving up for the future, but your current financial state leaves much to be desired. You push the thought of investment away since you have neither enough knowledge for that nor the capital to start with. That’s where Profit BTC comes in.

The general idea of a trading robot is to generate profit from the popular crypto market with the assistance of AI. Specially-developed algorithms allow the investors to take a minor part in the process but benefit from it significantly. The only downside is that not all platforms can be trusted. Want to know what makes Profit BTC special and worth your trust? Read on!

Pros & cons


  • Free trading software
  • Feeless withdrawal and deposit
  • Easy and straightforward interface
  • Fully automated trading process
  • High success rate


  • Only Android mobile trading app available

Profit BTC company overview

Year founded



John Mayers

Official website

Mobile app

Cryptocurrencies available

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple

Customer support

Bitcoin Profit was founded a couple of years ago in 2017 by crypto trader John Mayers and the team. One of the primary ideas behind it was to bring complex crypto trading to people with basic knowledge of the industry. The platform has gained increased popularity these days due to its high success rate. The rate promised by the vendor and supported by countless user feedback presented on the platform goes over 90%. Experienced traders may doubt the rate until they learn about what makes the service so advantageous – the trading algorithm.

John Mayers figured that it’s not enough to offer the same services as the competitors. Thus, the algorithm Profit BTC features is 0.01 second faster than the rest. Apart from that, the algorithm scans the market in real-time and analyses the chances of profitability before launching the trade. All the operations are carried out automatically without investor interference. It should be emphasized that the service is free of charge.

Currencies and payment methods

Bitcoin Profit is a trading bot specializing in a variety of the most requested and trading cryptocurrencies instead of limiting the trade to Bitcoin solely. They are the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple

After you generate significant profit from your trades and you wish to withdraw them, or you simply want to deposit some funds, you can use these payment options:

  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • SafePay
  • TrustPay

Limits & liquidity

Bitcoin Profit enables potential investors to trade in the currencies that offer the best profitability. However, you should realize that cryptocurrency can’t be cashed out. The primary fiat currencies that the vendor allows to cash out are the US dollars and Euros. Since they’re the universal currencies, it won’t be an issue to convert them to any local currency when needed.

Profit BTC doesn’t limit the withdrawal sum, unlike the variety of competitors. However, there’s a depositing minimum and maximum you can’t go lower or exceed. Speaking about the minimum deposit, it’s significantly lower when compared to other trading robots so that almost anyone can take part in the trade.

Minimum deposit

Maximum deposit




Profit BTC is a free trading service, but there are nominal fees to consider. Upon every successful trade, 1% of the profit will go to the vendor. However, that’s the sole charge the vendor forces on the users, proving its transparency and almost unprofitable approach. There are no withdrawal fees to watch out for, and that’s a plus.

Cryptocurrency conversions

Bitcoin Profit offers a chance to trade in a variety of currencies. However, before choosing the trading pairs, there’s a bit of personal research to be conducted. The crypto market is highly volatile and causes different conversion fluctuations, affecting your profit in both positive and negative ways. That’s why by checking with the trading market conversion rate, you can determine the trading currency in favor at the moment. Once the beneficial currency is determined along with its possibly profitable conversion that interests you most, you can go on with the trade.

Withdrawal/deposit fees and withdrawal times

Profit BTC is a free trading vendor, so there are no hidden fees to watch out for, be it depositing or withdrawal that you’re interested in. There are also no withdrawal fees suggested by the platform, but there may be some deducted by the bank you’re processing the payment with. Before you decide upon the profit withdrawal, you should inspect the charges of every available payment method in your location. When you rule out those that charge the most, you can proceed with your withdrawal request.

Unlike depositing with Profit BTC, the withdrawal will take some time to be completed. The system checks the request, confirms your identity to exclude any fraudulent activity, and then issues the payment to the stated holder via the method selected. In the majority of cases, the whole operation takes 24 hours the most.

Payment method

Withdrawal fee

Deposit fee

Withdrawal time

Credit/debit card



24 hours

Wire transfer



24 hours




24 hours

Profit BTC security

The system holders approach the matter of investor security with all the necessary attention. To ensure sensitive data protection, the platform features reliable SSL encryption, which keeps hacking and data leaks at bay. Apart from that, the ultra-fast trading operation makes sure that the market volatility affects the trades the least so that most profits are preserved.

The trade risk is still high, and Profit BTC states it clearly on the landing page. One-third of all trades end up in losses, but the wise approach combined with AI and high success rate can guarantee stable profit from every trade.

How to create an account with Profit BTC

Now when all the theoretical data is explained, it’s time to switch to the practical part.

Registration and verification

Bitcoin Profit doesn’t allow it to start the trade without prior registration and user identification. The registration data is basic but mandatory. Should your name, email, or phone number be stated incorrectly, the platform won’t accept such an account. After all the precise information is supplied, the system will verify it and send a confirmation link to the provided active email. Only after that, you’ll be allowed to log into the platform.

Demo trade test

You can do this before or after the primary deposition. In case it’s your first time with a trading vendor, it’s best to start with a demo trade. The demo mode is no different from the live trade. It’s designed to give a potential investor the general idea of how everything works. Besides, such a demo test may help you come up with a personal trading strategy and parameters fit for it to succeed with every trade.

Primary deposit

To switch on to the live trading, you need real money to be deposited into the account. The minimum sum that the platform accepts is $250. You can carry out the deposit using any suitable means in a matter of minutes. The transactions are swift and effortless.

However, you should remember that the primary deposit is always charged in USD. Also, seasoned traders can go over the minimum limit and go as high as $15,000. It’s true that the higher the deposit, the better the chances of instant profit of significant value. Nevertheless, beginners should start with the mandatory limit despite the temptation.

Live trade

The live trade is as simple as the demo one. However, the set of configurations is to be set before you launch the auto trade. Some traders prefer the default settings. However, if you don’t want to lose more than you can afford to lose, some key settings are to be customized. You can interact with the:

  • Stop-loss limit
  • Daily take profit
  • Concurrent trades amount
  • Currency pairs
  • Trade amount


Bitcoin Profit isn’t the only platform in the field. There are other similar trading vendors, Bitcoin Code and Bitcoin Circuit, for instance. However, if a mobile app is of vital importance for you, Bitcoin Circuit is out of the question. Besides, the success rate that Bitcoin Code offers is slightly different when compared to Profit BTC, not to mention customer satisfaction rates.

Critical features of Profit BTC

No matter the similarity between popular trading vendors, there’s a list of features that makes them stand out.

Simple registration

Some automated trading services feature a complex and time-consuming registration. Profit BTC developers simplified the signup process to the bare minimum without it affecting the security of the platform.

Customizable trading

Profit BTC is an automated trading bot. However, every user can easily customize it to their preferences. Such an approach eliminates a considerable number of unsatisfied trades who would blame the system for the loss. Once you pre-set the configuration, you can ensure that all you can afford is at stake, while all you can’t lose is safe.

Withdrawal system

Bitcoin Profit is a free platform without any withdrawal fees involved. What’s more, the withdrawal process is faster and simpler when compared to that of competitors’. You can withdraw your funds at any time and in any amount, and you’ll get them issued to your account within 24 hours.

Customer support

Bitcoin Profit was developed with crypto beginners in mind so that every action and feature is self-explanatory. However, should you face an issue you can’t resolve on your own, you can always reach out to the strained support team and have the problem solved within minutes.

Final words

As the cryptocurrency trading industry grows, platforms like Profit BTC gain vast popularity. With all the advantages on offer, it seems that only the lazy haven’t given it a try. When compared to others, Profit BTC ensures an excellent success rate and simplified operation. The platform is basically offering you the key to your financial freedom. Of course, there are risks involved, but life itself is a risky business, isn’t it? Are you daring enough to venture and succeed?

Profit BTC Review
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