Atomic Wallet Review

Atomic Wallet Review

For most people, you need a much better reason than ‘it’s the future’ to get them to make changes as big as switching to cryptocurrency. Just like the name implies, Atomic Wallet gives you a bunch of reasons, starting from the tiny but important ones, to the big bombs.

Introduction to Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet, also called the Atomic Swap wallet, is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet that supports over 500 altcoins and tokens. Established in 2017, one of the company's biggest goals is showing people that crypto isn't hard, living up to its name by paying attention to the little(atomic) details. It’s available on Android devices, Windows devices, and Apple devices, giving users access to make crypto transactions in no time.

Atomic Wallet is also called the Atomic Swap Wallet because of the Atomic Swap feature available on it. The Atomic Swap refers to a decentralized exchange process native to the Atomic Wallet. This feature allows users to buy cryptocurrencies using their bank cards excluding the use of a centralized exchange. This feature has made Atomic Wallet one of the most popular wallets in the crypto community.

The Atomic Wallet company is responsible for the Atomic Wallet Token, popularly referred to as AWC. AWC is the first token issued by a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, serving as the native currency for Atomic Wallet users. This is just as USD is to Americans. Thanks to AWC, for its features that are already here and the ones to come. Its users enjoy perks like staking discounts during an exchange, affiliate and bounty rewards, and additional features for the trading desk. AWC can be bought on Binance DEX and IDEX exchanges.

Using Atomic Wallet

Atomic Wallet becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets wasn't simply luck or an accident. Many of the Atomic Wallet’s features are worthy of the attention they bring to the wallet. Just as the name implies, those responsible for the smooth running of Atomic Wallet pay attention to details on an atomic level. Here are the notable features of Atomic Wallet:

Atomic Wallet is seen as a beginner-friendly cryptocurrency wallet. Because it’s free and the processes are easy enough for those who aren't well versed in the crypto community to understand. It’s also friendly for new users since the wallet gives those who don't already have crypto assets a chance to buy directly. Buying directly also comes with the chance to use a bank card for the purchase. Thanks to the Atomic Swap, users can exchange nearly every coin and token supported by Atomic Wallet.

Apart from the Atomic Swap, Atomic Wallet supports other exchanges in a bid to cover as many crypto assets as possible. All exchanges on Atomic Wallet are decentralized. This means crypto-assets are stored on the blockchain while private keys are encrypted, but not away from the user’s reach. The private keys are stored on the user’s device. Atomic Wallet also prepares for emergency situations through the provision of a 12-word recovery phrase in case you ever lose your device. The recovery phrase is randomly generated, unlike the user-created password which is at the forefront of Atomic Wallet’s security.

Pros & cons of Atomic Wallet


  • Supports more than 500 coins
  • Users have control over private keys
  • Simple but attractive interface
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Cryptocurrency can be purchased directly
  • High security


  • Relatively high fixed commissions
  • Minimum limit to trade
  • No provision for hardware wallet integration
  • Limited languages
  • Pricing policy on Atomic Wallet

    Generally, there are fees that come with transactions on the blockchain. Given the fact that Atomic Wallet stores crypto assets on the blockchain, it attracts these fees. In Atomic Wallet, you can set a custom fee for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

    Network fees are general fees attached to blockchain transactions. It rewards miners on the blockchain who spend their resources to include a transaction on the next block of the blockchain. The more you’re willing to pay, the sooner your transaction will be processed. The network fees set in the wallet ensure the quick and easy inclusion of your transaction on the blockchain. Network fees also ensure safety. Different crypto assets come with different network fees influenced by factors like the load of the network and the number of inputs on your address.

    Atomic Wallet doesn't receive any part of the network fees, there's a 2% charge on every crypto asset bought through Simplex, a partner. The minimum is $10 per operation. If the user chooses to pay using bank cards, the processing fee can be quite high at around 5%. This happens because banks see crypto purchases as very risky. As a result, they charge such high amounts in case of fraud or chargeback.

    To sum up

    Atomic Wallet is among the best crypto wallets. In fact, some members of the crypto community have sworn that the wallet has no downsides to it. So far, it hasn't seriously let anyone down, and the hopes are that it won't. In addition to crypto-assets, Atomic Wallet has a certain number of fiat currencies that exchange can take place in. In no time, if cryptocurrency takes over the world, Atomic Wallet is well-equipped to help everyday people get by.

    Atomic Wallet Review
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