MetaMask Review

MetaMask Review

MetaMask is a popular online crypto wallet for games due to its being a browser extension. The service is easily accessible, quick in use, but lacks in its security. Continue reading to find out vital info on this wallet.

What’s MetaMask?

MetaMask is an online wallet for making transactions and storing Ethereum. Its unique browser extension version makes the wallet fast and easy to access from any website.

That’s also the cause why MetaMask is often used as a wallet in Blockchain games on the internet. You may transfer coins from the MetaMask crypto wallet to any possible place, be it an MMO with an economy based on crypto, exchange, or an investment project.

Pros and Cons


  1. Immediate installation from the MetaMask website
  2. Fast accessibility due to the wallet being a browser extension
  3. Quick transactions and your fee setting
  4. Instant wallet deletion with the browser extension
  5. Mobile version of Metamask crypto wallet


  1. Bad security since browsers track its activity
  2. Only ERC20 tokens are accepted
  3. Small fee transactions may be unavailable
  4. Paid services

How to use the MetaMask crypto wallet?

MetaMask is a browser extension, so you need to think about what browser to choose first. The wallet accepts Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or even Brave. Now, you install MetaMask, like any other browser extension.

After completing the installation, the wallet is ready for use and performs Ethereum transactions. If you begin a payment using MetaMask, a window is going to pop-up where you agree to the transaction.

Setting up the MetaMask crypto wallet

To begin, you need to be using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Brave, since MetaMask doesn’t accept any other browsers. Now go to the main website of the wallet and download it from there. Moreover, you can also download it from App Store, Google Play, and Chrome Store.

Open the extension in the upper-right corner of the browser, and start creating a new wallet. When you agree with the terms, think of a password, and you need to carefully write down the secret phrase. Now the wallet is set up and ready for use.


MetaMask crypto wallet lacks in security compared to other crypto wallets due to it being an in-browser plugin. Besides you who know your private keys to get access to the wallet, the browser also knows them.

Moreover, the browser knows all of your transactions made with the wallet, making it less secure than other storages. Anyway, you can secure yourself by storing your seed phrase in a safe place. It’s better to write it on paper and keep it in your desk than store it somewhere online. The seed phrase is the only thing that can restore your funds in case of emergency and device shut down.


MetaMask is fully free and possible for anyone to install on their PC or mobile device. Additional services also don’t require any payments to be made.

However, there are fees for transactions, and they might be quite big. Depending on your transaction and the reason behind it, you can choose how fast you want it to be completed. There are 3 options to choose from: slow, average, and fast. Besides, MetaMask has additional custom fees you can adjust in the “Advanced Options” section. Remember, if you accidentally make them too small, the payment doesn’t go through.

MetaMask’s use in online crypto games

MetaMask is especially popular in crypto games on the web, and there are 2 main reasons for its use in them. Firstly, MetaMask is used in most games, since they pay out Ethereum, and MetaMask’s main accepted token is ETH.

The second reason is also obvious. Most crypto games work in-browser, and the MetaMask crypto wallet works as an in-browser extension, making it easy to access. That’s why games love to use it to make the player's experience better.

What else do you do using MetaMask?

MetaMask crypto wallet has some other interesting functions which you might find great to learn. For instance, you may connect your cold wallet to MetaMask, and use it for making transactions.

Moreover, you could import your account from MetaMask. To do so, you need to enter the secret key, which you had to write down at the very early sign up part. Finally, you may buy crypto right from MetaMask using Wyre, Coinswitch, or a direct deposit.


This is the end of the MetaMask review, and now you know what MetaMask is, why it’s popular in games, and what you do with it. Overall, the wallet is great for people who want to store small amounts of crypto and get quick access to it. Those who want to store large amounts should better look in the direction of hardware wallets.

MetaMask Review
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