Essential 2021 Crypto Trading Bots For You To Operate With

Crypto Trading Bots Essentials

Automated Bitcoin trading is getting consciously popular among crypto investors and independent traders. Although, are there any criteria to identify a prospective Bitcoin trading bot? Let’s figure out whether you should choose a paid or free service to your need!

How cryptocurrency bots can benefit your life and business?

Modern investors are busy multitasking between monitoring and executing various deals and plans. Skillful use of a crypto trading bot will balance out your life, manage your time, recalibrate your account and information, and automate routine procedures.

Our top trading bots

So, what specific actions can be done with ease after using the best crypto trading bots?

Cycled functions

Monotonous and continual tasks can be simply avoided. Using crypto trading bots, you can relax while the automated system checks everything for you. You put in the system the desired actions of timely updates and it’s done without your intervention. Unless you want to try it out yourself and be constantly alert about your time and market condition. As a result, you have 2 options:

  • Set notifications so you get reminded of the same particular task execution every couple of hours.
  • Download a Bitcoin trading bot and apply the strategy on organizing your account and portfolio in a cycled pattern.

Pace coordination

Crypto market is changeable and every second counts for your trades to be profitable and successful. Your profits directly depend on your decisions and eventually executed trades. To sell your cryptocurrency at the right time and at the desired price, you have to use the trading bot for Bitcoin realization. If you do so manually, you can easily miss the requested value at which you’d like to make your trade. Besides, it can be incredibly time-consuming to just sit and wait. Instead, the Bitcoin automated robot monitors the market non-stop and completes set trading tasks with sharp time precision.

Task accomplishment

Think about earning your profit over multiple crypto pair trade conduction. What are the potential steps?

  • You have to conduct trades via multiple trading pairs.
  • You must analyze each pair accounting such aspects as perfect trading moment, desirable crypto value, and its volume.
  • You should conduct the trade in time before the market changes its figures and conditions.

This 3-step procedure seems easy before you actually try it out in practice. An experienced crypto trader would always choose to use the crypto trading bot, as almost always such actions lead to failure due to crypto market volatility. Even the best strategies may fail acutely.

Bitcoin trading bots deal with such complications and automate the strategies to successful work.

#1 Bitcoin Revolution: The most precise crypto trading bot

Bitcoin Revolution is one of the greatest trading bots you can find on the internet. With its lower deposit requirement, you can start trading without prior experience in crypto trading. Why is this platform unique? Here are some important features to know:

  • Pinpoint accuracy: thanks to the algorithmic crypto trading option, you have higher chances of earning starting from the first trading session.
  • Appealing fees: for now, you won’t be charged for deposits or withdrawals, as the trading platform charges only for profits you make.
  • Mobile app: if you have a mobile phone on Android OS, you can use a crypto trading bot via your phone.
  • Manual trading option: although the auto-trading option may seem appealing, you may still opt for the manual trading option, on the condition that you’re experienced as a crypto trader.

Thanks to the proprietary software, your trading experience will be full of profits from the beginning. So, don’t miss a chance to benefit from this reputable trading bot.

#2 Bitcoin Circuit: Top 3 reasons to choose this Bitcoin trading bot

Although quite a recent trading platform, Bitcoin Circuit has gained a reputation as a reliable and profitable trading bot. Owing to its perfectly functioning software, you can benefit from the precision that will trade on your behalf. Thanks to its trading bots, you can gain money without having any experience of crypto trading, as you can learn more on the site. But why Bitcoin Circuit?

  1. Ultimate safety: blockchain technologies have revolutionized the idea of crypto trading and everything relevant to that, but it doesn’t mean that every platform can ensure maximum safety. That’s why Bitcoin Circuit is your optimal choice, as it protects your data and securities. Moreover, it works with professional brokers allowing the system to work properly. Finally, it employs the latest technologies alongside encryption to ensure your privacy and protection against cyber-attacks or hacking.
  2. Demo account: another interesting point of this trading bot is that you can test the system before you can trade with real cash. Besides testing a system where you’ll be given virtual credits, you can also get some useful lessons on how you should trade with crypto coins. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Precision and speed: thanks to algorithmic crypto trading based on an automated system, you have higher chances of making profits daily. All you need is to activate trading bots with your trading strategies, and the rest will be performed without a need for your involvement. The precision and speed are factors that will maximize your profits while trying to avoid possible risks of losing assets.

#3 Bitcoin Up: Fast, convenient, & accurate trading bot

Like previous crypto trading bots, Bitcoin Up has everything to start trading online. After you register and verify your account, you’ll be assigned a broker who’ll help with the rest. This Bitcoin trading bot offers automation of the process making everything faster and more accurate. According to Bitcoin Up, more than 70% of users make profits online owing to the accuracy higher than 80%.

Given the abundance of trading bots online, you may have problems choosing one particular. So, why choose this crypto trading bot?

  • Bitcoin Up offers affordable services without any hidden costs.
  • The platform supports several language options.
  • Android users can benefit from a mobile version of this trading bot.
  • It has a great range of payment methods.
  • Payouts are much faster than on the other platforms.
  • Responsive and professional support team is always online.

#4 Immediate Edge: Automated system with impressive performance

Immediate Edge is one the greatest Bitcoin trading bots with great compatibility features making it possible to trade on the go. What’s more, thanks to a great compatibility feature, you can enjoy crypto trading on the go. Since almost the whole system is automated, all you need is to set up a trading rule and that’s all.

Before you can initiate the automated trading, you need to register and verify your account. After that, you’ll be required to make your first deposit. You’ll have several payment options including credit and debit cards. Once your account is approved, you may start trading online.

But how can you set trading rules if it’s the first time you’re dealing with trading bots? When you’re on your profile dashboard, you can benefit from features that will show how trading rules are set and which strategies are proven to be efficient. So, Immediate Edge is ideal for those who start trading from scratch.

#5 Bitcoin Evolution: Let precision work for you

Bitcoin Evolution is almost a free crypto trading bot offering its unique software that ensures the precision of higher levels alongside the impressive speed to react to sudden changes in the market. This trading bot prides its accuracy on more than 90% ensuring maximum levels of ROI. Thanks to the latest technologies and SSL security measures, your data will be protected from external and internal attacks. Here are some benefits of using Bitcoin Evolution:

  • Transparency in charges: the site doesn’t have any hidden or unclear fees, so you don’t have to worry about the payment procedure.
  • Easy and fast cashing out: your withdrawals won’t take lots of time, and upon filling out your cashing out request, you’ll withdraw your money within one day, depending on your payment method.
  • Multilingual platform: you don’t have to use this platform only in English, and you can find options like Spanish, German, French, and so on. Besides, you can communicate with these options with the support team as well.
  • Demo account: among so many great features, the Bitcoin Evolution demo account is definitely something you shouldn’t miss, as with this option you can learn how to work with trading bots.

#6 Bitcoin Loophole: Trading bot that ensures profits

Bitcoin Loophole is one of the recent trading platforms based on the automated system. So, it means you’ll save lots of time while trading online. The system is known for performing trading without interruptions only if the constant internet is provided. Besides, Bitcoin Loophole prioritizes maximum levels of safety to make your online trading experience more reliable.

Bitcoin Loophole offers its unique software that accesses the market figures and assesses the conditions optimal for trading online. It seeks coins for reasonable prices and finds buyers of these coins with an option of a better price, so-called CFD trading. Thanks to one of the best software in Bitcoin trading, Bitcoin Loophole offers a system where you can check your history of trades and those made by others, known as the backtesting feature. What’s more, the system is compatible with mobile devices with various operating systems.

#7 Bitcoin Trader: Insignificant fees for substantial income

Besides being one of the best trading bots in 2021, Bitcoin Trader is one of the cheapest places to start trading online. Its user-friendly interface welcomes all traders from various corners of the world. This trading bot is supported by many countries, so registering and verifying your account won’t take more than half an hour.

But why is it among the cheapest platforms? First of all, you don’t pay for making deposits. Secondly, withdrawals are completely free. You don’t have to pay for using its unique software. All you’ll pay for is about 1% of your profits that you’ll make online. So, the rest is free of charge.

#8 Bitcoin Code: Become a professional crypto trader within a short time

If you seek a platform that performs trading without delay and reacts to the slightest changes in the market, then Bitcoin Code is a trading bot that will be the best choice for you. Thanks to the software developed by Steve McKay who’s a software developer, this trading system is based on automation, meaning that trading is performed thanks to the complex set of algorithms along with AI support.

Although crypto trading entails risks of losing all or partially, Bitcoin Code does its best to ensure maximum profits, owing to the accuracy higher than 90%. What’s more, this trading bot prides ultimate safety ensured by SSL encryption technologies to mention some. Don’t forget that the system is compatible with mobile operating systems, so trading on the go is an available option.

#9 Bitcoin Superstar: Easiest way of making money

One of the leading crypto trading bots is Bitcoin Superstar that’s proven to be efficient, safe, and productive. Once you make your first deposit, you’ll start your adventure of making money. Since the whole system is automated, your involvement will be minimized. Thus, this trading bot isn’t only cost-effective, but it’s also time-saving. Convenience with profits is what you get from trading on this platform. Here are some great pros of using this crypto trading bot:

  • Pinpoint accuracy and higher speed of performance
  • Emotionless trading discipline
  • Easily customizable trading bots
  • Ultimate safety and data protection
  • Professional support team
  • Great range of payment methods alongside fiat currencies

#10 Pionex: Crypto trading without fees

Besides being a crypto trading system, Pionex is an exchange platform. The most appealing side of this bot is that it’s completely free in use. Moreover, it’s very clear and straightforward.

Pionex has licenses issued by the government of Singapore. What’s more, it has one of the highest market caps when compared to other trading bots. So, if you seek something more than a trading platform, you should consider Pionex.

#11 Bitsgap automated trading bot: A big name for big profits

It’s not a free trading platform, but it has a free trial option for several days. Before you start trading with real cash, you may benefit from the Demo Mode, another great feature that will give insights about Bitsgap and trading at the same time. What’s more, the system is a cloud-based one, so you won’t need to download anything to trade online.

There are many advantages of the software Bitsgap is proud of. For example, it works on the clear and quite simple technique of GRID, popular among investors. The system has features that will control risks. These features are known as take-profit, stop-loss, trailing up, and so on.

#12 Cryptohopper crypto trading bot: Top-notch solution to crypto trading

Cryptohopper is appealing with its interface of the platform full of the information you can benefit from. Although this trading bot isn’t free in use, the prices will pay off with its quality and higher performance. It also employs the technique of GRID, but it claims to offer more profits with its innovative approach.

If you’re not sure about using this bot, you can trade here for 7 days for free. Within this period of time, you can make up your mind, and don’t forget that you always have free options if you’re not satisfied with Cryptohopper.

#13 Mudrex: Automated system that works on your behalf

Mudrex is one of the largest trading platforms with more than 7,000 traders. It has traded over $40 million. Thanks to its unique software, the trading bots perform Bitcoin trading faster than many other platforms.

What’s more, Mudrex is connected to other exchange platforms, so it’s not the only place for crypto trading. Mudrex isn’t a free trading bot but offers a free trial so that you can test the system. Another appealing point is that this trading bot supports US citizens.

#14 3Commas: Smart approach to algorithmic trading

3Commas is intended for more professional traders, and it offers a more sophisticated user interface. Thus, you need to be a more experienced crypto trader if you plan to start crypto trading on this platform. For now, 3Commas offers subscriptions like Basic or Pro.

For the Basic subscription, you’ll pay $25 per month, whereas, for the Pro subscription, you need to pay $84 per month. The good news is that you can find online courses on how you can employ this trading bot.

#15 Napbots: A trading bot that will bring you profits

If you want an automated system to be trading and making money on your behalf, then Napbots is a trading platform you shouldn’t miss. The main feature is that its user interface is good for both professional and amateur traders.

Once you register and pass verification, you may start your crypto trading online. Then, you set the trading rules and that’s all. The rest will be done on your behalf, saving your time and providing maximum convenience.

Bottom line

With crypto coins becoming prevalent in the market, you should be among those who can boast about their profits. So, choose your platform and change your life with automated Bitcoin trading. After a few clicks, you can have a life full of luxuries. What are you waiting for then?

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