How Can You Spend Your Bitcoins Online?

How Can You Spend Your Bitcoins Online?

The most popular digital currency ever, Bitcoin is apparently slowly taking over the modern day market with its sky-high growth. A significant number of major companies decided to give this currency a chance, accepting it in their regular payment system in exchange for goods and services. There are also various shops that now allow their products to be purchased online with the digital currency. One more reason for including BTC in their payment system is because BTC is known for being simple when it comes to transferring funds.

Many Bitcoin holders often ask "Where can I spend Bitcoin online?” and “What can I buy for Bitcoin?” Among the companies and shops, there are also several major websites that have already included Bitcoin in their regular payment options. Those who wonder where to spend this cryptocurrency should check out the list below. These are some of the most popular places to spend Bitcoins for goods and services among BTC holders, also followed by other commonly chosen websites.

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The biggest websites that accept Bitcoin


Microsoft is known for supporting Bitcoin and Blockchain technology for years. Customers can buy various Microsoft items on X-Box and Windows store with Bitcoin.


Reddit offers users to get premium features with BTC. The company’s goal was to integrate cryptocurrency a little more into their marketing strategy after it was pretty clear that the demand for new Bitcoin payment option was quite high.

It is one of the biggest companies that offer users to create their own blogs for free. A few years ago, Wordpress finally included Bitcoin in their payment system. First, they opened up the blogging platform to payments from countries where Paypal or credit card companies have no support.

Overstock is known for being the first online retailer to accept Bitcoin payments in early 2014. Overstock started offering its customers to pay for goods (laptops, television sets and much more.) with Bitcoins. When customers wish to purchase something with Bitcoin, they should simply click on the "Pay with Bitcoin" button on Overstock official page.


Expedia is one of the leading travel booking agencies. In 2014, the company included Bitcoin as a regular payment asset for their hotel bookings. Just like Overstock, Expedia started its partnership with Coinbase to implement new payment option.


The eGifter is another online shop that accepts BTC payments. Here, you can use Bitcoins to purchase gift cards for places that actually don't accept BTC. This gift card shop and mobile app offers users to get gift cards for various places, such as Amazon, Home Depot, Sephora, and much more.


TigerDirect is a large electronics retailer that chose to enter the collaboration with Coinbase, accepting BTC purchases in 2014. Customers have a wide choice of over 200,000 products and can select Bitcoin as a payment method.


Shopify is a well-known e-commerce platform that offers merchants to create their own online shops to sell their products online, similar to eBay. Since 2013, more than 75,000 Shopify merchants could accept Bitcoin payments using BitPay.

Pizza bought for 20,000 BTC – Bitcoin Pizza Day

On May 22, 2010, two guys from the US and UK made a history in the short Bitcoin era. They wanted to order a pizza at lunch break, so they offered 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas. Getting two pizzas for BTC at that time meant offering this new cryptocurrency with a very low market value. Pizza shop Papa John accepted this digital payment and delivered the pizza. At that time, the value of the BTC was only $0.07, while it worths more than $20 million now!

As that event was the very first real transaction with decentralized free market money in history, it soon became a holiday which bitcoiners celebrate every year on May 22, called "Bitcoin Pizza Day".

Other platforms that accept BTC

Here is the list of other commonly chosen platforms that accept Bitcoin among the cryptocurrency holders:

  • Subway – The restaurant
  • Virgin Galactic – A company that also has the monopoly over Virgin Airline and Virgin Mobile
  • OkCupid – It’s a dating website
  • Namecheap – A company that works with domain name registry
  • – A booking website where people can find cheap plane tickets and hotels
  • Gyft – Online gift card shop
  • – The electronics retailer that accepts BTC by using Bitpay payment processor
  • Dell – A computer tech developer
  • Wikipedia – A free online Encyclopedia
  • Steam – Famous platform for computer games
  • Alza – An online retailer from Czech Republic
  • The Internet Archive – A company concentrated on web documentation
  • Bitcoin.Travel – It is a travel website where people can look for apartments, attractions, restaurants, and bars worldwide
  • The Pirate Bay – A download platform
  • Zynga – A platform for mobile games
  • EZTV – TV shows platform
  • – The new invention of famous Kim Dotcom
  • Lumfile – A free cloud file server
  • Etsy Vendors – A shop
  • – A platform for ordering pizza with BTC
  • – A platform for ordering coffee with BTC

Future of Bitcoin online shopping

With having such a large number of shops and companies that accept this new payment method and others that are currently considering to do the same, Bitcoin becomes more and more popular. Small businesses are also among those who accept BTC, not wishing to miss this unique chance. There are also some small shops who switched to Bitcoin as well.

Microsoft is known for supporting Bitcoin and Blockchain technology for years. Customers can buy various Microsoft items on X-Box and Windows store with Bitcoin.
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